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    A Great Christmas

    Short Post Tonight With a Picture… The host is working on this site with a new security update, so no worries if you see it is not secure. Working on that tonight and tomorrow (26th). But in the meantime, here is a picture of Kris and I on our way out to Christmas dinner. And even with a fire-alarm in the middle that forced the evacuation of the entire Wyn Casino, it was a wonderful dinner. A lot of fun. Happy Holidays, everyone.  

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    A Really Pointed and Fun and Funny Book

    Judge Bubba’s Christmas Letters. I mentioned this book last year and wanted to suggest it again this year because you will not only feel good reading these Christmas letters, but laugh and identify with much of it. Basically, you know the typical form letter you get from family or friends at Christmas? Well, these ain’t nothing close to typical. Judge Bubba decided the standard Christmas letter might be a little staid, so instead of polishing up and ignoring the funny or bad stuff of the year, he just puts it out there in a sort of story. Actually, a really funny story. Every year for twenty-one years. And this book…

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    A Nifty Christmas Video and Bundle

    Day 1,570 of Daily Blogs Without Missing… Now that’s a stunner, huh? Every day, through internet crashes, trips, sickness, and nothing to say, I have been here typing something every night. Sort of like a bad faucet you can’t get a plumber to fix. Just keeps on dripping. (grin) ————– Got a nifty Christmas books video from WMG Publishing I wanted to share. Kris did a draft of this last year, then Gwyneth updated it for this year. Plus, I got a great bundle going on right now that is all Christmas books. It’s called Christmas Cheer bundle with Storybundle that I curated. Not one, not two, but three of the…

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    Christmas Cheer Bundle

    THE CHRISTMAS CHEER BUNDLE! For me, great stories and Christmas Holidays go hand-in-hand. I used to buy myself books for Christmas, and Christmas vacation was always a time I got to do the most reading when I was growing up. Then when I started writing, a friend and I challenged each other to write six Christmas short stories in seven days and put them in a little chapbook for our friends as gifts. We did that every year for years, cementing in my mind that Christmas meant stories. After I met Kristine Kathryn Rusch, she and I and a bunch of other professional writers would get together every Christmas Eve…