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Summer Setback Sale

We Had No Plans To Do This…

But yet here we are.

Back at the beginning of June, when we started what we called THE LAST SALE, we really thought it would be. Even though there was a long ways to go with the pandemic, the US had opened back up, and the vaccines were working like gold. All we had to do was just keep up the vaccination pace and the US would be out of this and then, as we tend to do, we could help the rest of the world.

But over the next months, Kris and I and half the rest of the population, looked on in horror as vaccinations slowed down and people started refusing to get them for reasons that are so far beyond my tiny brain, I gave up trying to figure it out. It just made me angry.

And now two-and-a-half=months later, the Delta variant is just chewing up and killing those who are unvaccinated. And it is spreading so fast, it is now starting to take young adults who could be vaccinated and children who can’t, but would be safer if their parents were.

All preventable, sadly.

So now we are locking down our culture again in many ways. Here in Vegas there is a mask mandate and concerts and hotels and some restaurants are not allowing anyone to even enter who isn’t vaccinated.  Things are getting cancelled again and places are closing, In very short order no one without a vaccine will be able to work or even eat out or go to any show or concert in this town.

But until then, in essence, just like 2020, we are safer even though we have vaccines, if we just stay home and ride this out.

And thus the reason for the Summer Setback Sale. We want to help writers through this and to be honest, this is the best thing we can do. We want to give writers a reason to stay home, to keep learning, to keep writing.

So just as we did through most of 2020 and the first part of this year, we are offering a workshop half-price sale.

So every workshop, class, and Pop-Up on WMG Teachable is now half price if you put in the code


You can buy as many as you like, including the new October class POWER WORDS.

You can get three of different types of workshops to stock up ahead, and you can also get any of the new Study Along Workshops for the six Vegas workshops we just announced.

(You cannot use this for the actual Vegas Workshops and for the length of the sale the Master Business Class is not there either.)

But everything else, including Lifetime Subscriptions, you can use the half price code for.

Anything available on WMG Publishing Teachable is now half price. Just make sure that you hit purchase, then put the code SETBACK in at the top of the next page to get the half-price amount.

Also keep in mind we have six different collection classes available as well.

September and October regular classes are now available as well. October is where you will find the class POWER WORDS class. (It is already in the Lifetime Subscription.)

Kris and I and Allyson and everyone at WMG Publishing hopes this helps you once again stay inside, stay safe, and live to see the other side of this setback.

Take care, everyone.


  • Connor whiteley

    YES! Great to hear the power word workshop has a date. Thank you!!

    It’s a shame about your vaccination rate dropping and society locking back up. I think England won’t be far behind and then the other UK countries could follow. We opened up too early and our vaccination rates are tiny compared to what they were. Young people sadly aren’t getting vaccinated, but our government doesn’t care about us young people amyway. I hope they do get vaccinated. Looking forward to getting my second jab in September. It’s still bad but…

    I hope everyone stays safe.

  • Maggie+King

    Thanks, Dean! The workshop sales are always awesome.

    I live in rural Oregon (near your old stomping grounds) and many people around here dislike Governor Kate Brown and absolutely refuse to wear masks and get vaccinated. I just heard that Chinook Winds at Lincoln City is completely shut down again for at least two weeks.

    Anyway, the workshops really help with having to stay home. Thanks again.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Thank you, Dean. I have a subscription, but even so. Yes, it’s maddening. We do japanese sword class with masks on, looking like slightly deranged urban ninjas. It’s not just Delta, it’s because two guys turned out to be anti-vaxxers (one political, the other a conspiracy theorist.) Such a relief that they stopped showing up! Working out in a remodeled attic where the no-AC temperature reached 115F is an experience.