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Story 55 And Running

Still Going a Story a Day…

And this weekend, Kris and I have a fun run. Actually, I have two.

On Saturday, along with five or ten thousand others from Las Vegas, we will do the 5k Rock and Roll race. Really easy for us. Kris and I will walk four blocks from our home and then run around downtown, starting up Las Vegas Blvd and ending on Fremont Street before walking home for dinner. That should be great fun.

Then the next evening I will manage to find my way to the Strip. That is no easy feat since the entire strip from the airport to downtown is closed completely. Not even cross traffic, and the starting park is on the other side. Then somewhere down near Flamingo I will join ten thousand others for the Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon, which starts on the Strip, goes out past the airport, then goes the entire length of the Strip to downtown, then back to the middle of the Strip.

Cheering crowds, a ton of music, great fun. This will be my third time in four years.

I hope to finish, but I have a bad foot at the moment with the scar from the injury of the marathon a year ago hitting nerves. Aspercream and Advil should do the trick to get me through 13 miles, plus a mile before I start and a mile after I finish.  We shall see. I doubt it will be much worse than punching a hole in the bottom of my foot by stepping on a rock at the six mile mark and then finishing the 26 miles. That was really silly, to say the least.

I didn’t get off the last ten pounds I wanted to drop by this point, so doubt I will beat my best. But at 71 years of age, finishing will be a total victory.

We’ll have pictures on Saturday night and Sunday night.

And yes, will get up some stories to Patreon very soon.