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Still Working Out the Kinks…

New Issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Published…

With the wrong cover. Oops…

In the holiday issue, #24, I really wanted to feature Annie Reed’s fantastic new holiday story. We do that feature by using big header on the cover. (see the correct cover below)

But the first cover without that feature got put on instead and sent out. And even loaded up to our store.

Now understand, we just went monthly and then a few weeks into that, I broke my shoulder and couldn’t be of much help. But the October, November, and now the December issue made it out. And January issue is on time.

So going monthly is rough enough, but then having me down for a part of those first three months just made stuff difficult at best.  Small and large things got missed. So we are still working out the kinks.

Those of you who have been around publishing for any length of time know it is not an exact science. Nothing is ever perfect in writing and in publishing. So mistakes will happen, especially moving to a monthly schedule. We have made a few other mistakes so far working the kinks out of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, and we will make more. (I don’t want to, but it is publishing after all.)

But this wrong cover mistake is right out there. Does not affect the fantastic fiction inside at all. And if you want to subscribe go to:

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #24 Edited by Dean Wesley Smith

Give us a shot while we work the kinks out.


Of course I am behind because of this accident, surgery, and recovery. But I am back reading the stories sent to me through the Pulphouse Kickstarter. Just give me a little time because I want to give every story a fair shot. Thanks!


  • Annie Reed

    Both covers are gorgeous!!

    I’m amazed at all that you and the wonderful people at WMG have been doing even with your broken shoulder. I look back at my production the first couple months of 2023, when hubby had hip replacement surgery, and while it’s nowhere near where I wanted it to be, I still got some stuff done. So I have a bit of an idea how hard all this has been for you, Kris, and WMG. *hugs*