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Still Working On A Writing Schedule

Yeah, I Know, Silly…

You would think someone of my decades in writing would have zero issue coming up with a writing schedule. I had one that worked just fine in the dark, damp, rain of Oregon for 32 years. Many days I never saw the sun and had no reason to be up in the morning at all.

So I worked until very late at night. Very, very seldom did that cause any issue at all.

Now I find myself happily in the sun and warmth of Las Vegas, with all the thousands of things to do here and runs to run and so on. And all during the day or often early morning (That last run started at 7:30 a.m. Started…which means getting out of bed so, so much earlier than that.)

So writing at night here in Las Vegas just isn’t an option.

And thus the cause of this sixth month battle with finding a new and comfortable writing schedule. I’m tired of talking about it, and I have zero doubt that Kris is disgusted with the topic. (grin) But we both know it is important.

And honestly, this took me by surprise when I settled into living here. Not something I expected, even though I always told people I had a hummingbird brain, or a “Oh, shiny!” brain. Or a “Squirrel!!” brain. And wow does Vegas have a lot of shiny squirrels here for me to chase.

So today I got started on the first of 10 novels in this challenge that I want to do. Not a great start, but a start. But still not on a good schedule yet and I am down to 80 days to go on the time I set. (I can still do it easily, but got to get this problem fixed like right now.)

So in the morning I try something new, give it a few days, see how I like it. I will tell you about it if it works. (grin) I suppose I’ll tell you about it if it doesn’t as well. I am never one for not sharing writing stuff here, after all.

Writing for me is easy and fun. Scheduling it, on the other hand, is a pain in the ass. Going to fix this pain tomorrow, I hope. Night!



  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Setting a new schedule is always difficult, as is resetting priorities after enduring a major life roll. Pulling for you, Dean, and hoping it all settles out sooner rather than later. Good to know even you aren’t immune.

    If I may offer an update, in my own challenge (10 novels in 150 days) I finished the first novel in 12 days and started the second on the same day. So 3 days in the bank so far. (grin)

    Anyone who wants to can follow along at my Daily Journal at (This is not my author website.)

  • E. R. Paskey

    “Writing for me is easy and fun. Scheduling it, on the other hand, is a pain in the ass.”

    I love this! That’s going to be my quote of the day. *grin*

    I’m in a stage of life right now with children where it’s very difficult to put together a consistent writing schedule. That kills me some days, because I used to have a *very* consistent schedule. So now I’m getting a lot of practice in how to (literally) seize the moment.

    ….this also involves not feeling guilty for doing the fun writing when I have laundry or dishes sitting there waiting for me. 😛 I’m a LOT better in that area than I was a couple of years ago. Writing new words and producing new content are important, even if the results aren’t quite as immediate as doing the laundry or the dishes.

    Besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from having children, it’s that laundry and dishes won’t go anywhere. They’ll wait for me. LOL.

  • Isabo Kelly

    Good luck with finding the new routine, Dean! After so many years on the coast, it’s understandable this is taking time, but I relate to the frustration.

    My routines and habits went pairshaped after having kids. I’ve only just given in to the inevitable (because I have to be up early anyway with their school and all) and got myself into an early morning routine. I’m not a morning person, and I’ve never been a write every day writer. I was a night owl and a sprint writer (write a novel in a month, take a month off to do business work, write another novel). But the early mornings are working for me. *Sigh* LOL. In mostly just 10-15 mins a day I’ve managed to write a novel, 6 short stories, and am 1/4 into another novel since mid-September. It’s really weird getting into a new habit but cool when it (finally!) happens. Good luck!

  • Thomas Phillips

    The environment has a surprisingly strong say in our fates. I have sometimes wondered whether I should fashion a pair of blinders so I can only see the screen in front of me. 🙂

  • Kat

    Hi Dean,

    You’re not alone, just so you know. I am starting to wonder if bucking my night owl genes is just not going to work. It’s a struggle when the rest of the world is geared for day or morning people, but trying to make my square peg self fit into the round holes may be harder than the occasional ‘work-arounds’ I have to do on days or mornings where I want to participate in something. I just don’t know.

    Please continue to keep us posted on how you’re doing. Speaking for myself, it helps.