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Still A Mentor Spot Open…

Been Three Years Since I Opened This Up…

Since a number of the writers I was helping in this program are not writing me as often, I decided last week to open this back up again for three spots. I really enjoy working closely with writers over the years, but I don’t push myself on them. I am just there to help, answer questions, and point in a certain direction.

I want each writer to be the writer they want to be. And I am a pretty good cheerleader along the way. And this is to help fiction writers. I suck at helping nonfiction writers.

So back last week I opened this up, but I think it got lost in the last day of the sale and my hitting my ten years of blogs.

One writer signed up and paid at once and is on board. And another writer is interested and sounds like they will go forward. Which leaves one more spot at the moment.

Basically I am the writer’s mentor. I will help the writer with anything they need help on. (I will not read novels or works in progress.) But craft, attitude, business, covers, sales, and everything else.

The basics of the entire thing is that the writer needs to write me an update letter once a week. Other contact during the week is fine, but that once a week deadline helps me stay in touch with what the writer is doing and keeps the writer on track of what they have set to do for themselves.

It lasts as long as the writer wants it to last. The cost is $3,000 which is no small amount I know. But my time is valuable over the years. (grin)

So if you are interested in jumping into this last spot, write me directly. Any questions, write me directly as well.

For me, this is going to be a lot of fun. At least it has been so far in the past.


  • Heather H

    I hope it stays fun, all year. I hope it can continue, it is a rare oppourtunity. I’d love this, someday.
    More valuble than the often offered, very common one-project critique.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, me and nonfiction are not close. I flat admit I know nothing much about it. I am a fiction writer. I write a lot of nonfiction, but not in a way that is worth anything to anyone. (grin)