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Stay Safe!!

Covid is Spiking Everywhere…

So I really hope that all of you reading this are not taking an chances, staying safe, wearing masks, watching distance and all that. Right now Covid is worse than it has been, and I see no sign of easing up.

So focus on the writing, focus on the learning of publishing and writing. Tough to get Covid when sitting alone at your computer writing.

We are trying to help once again to keep you learning and in and safe with the half-price sale on the workshops that will be doing until Tuesday night. If you have any questions on anything, write me.

Here is the information about the sale one more time.


HOLIDAYSALE is the code…

So we are going to do one more sale of everything on WMG Publishing’s Teachable until 5 pm on Tuesday, November 10th…

Every WMG Publishing Workshop, Lecture, Pop-Up, Class, or Subscription on Teachable will be HALF PRICE!

That’s right, on anything available on Teachable right now, (hit all courses to see everything) just use the code below and get it half price.

Yes, that includes the new workshops COVERS 101 and MAKING MONEY WITH YOUR WRITING, plus the almost new PUBLISHING 101 and KILLING CRITICAL VOICE. Plus the new Pop-Ups and and any of the challenges.

So, stock up on workshops and lectures to get you through the winter.

Or even grab one of the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions for half price.

The coupon code to get anything on WMG’s Teachable at half price for the next 7 days is:


And feel free to pass this code around to any writer. We are all still stuck with this virus, so we might as well all keep learning.

But remember, this offer ends sharply at 5 pm West Coast Time on Tuesday, November 10th.

To see a curriculum of all the workshops and lectures and orders to take them in, go to Workshop Curriculum.


Yes, you can buy more than one, but you just have to do it one at a time because Teachable has no shopping cart. And you can use Paypal or any credit card.

Also we have an offering where you can buy three workshops or lectures or pop-ups at a time and take them at any time if you like.

AND SINCE THIS IS A HOLIDAY SALE… Give yourself or a friend the gift of learning and stay sane as we keep slogging through these tough times. There is no time limit on when you have to do a workshop either, so you can give them as gifts to other writers hurting more than you are.

So, in summary, just go to WMG Workshops on Teachable, find a workshop or Pop-Up, or Lecture, or subscription you are interested in, hit purchase, then on the next page put in the coupon code HolidaySale and you will get it for half price.

And please stay home as much as possible, stay safe, and keep learning and writing.


  • Kate Pavelle

    About Covid and risk management: My 19yo daughter picked up roller skating (old-fashioned quad skates, not inline skates) and since I used to do that decades ago, I found a used pair of (OMG, SUPER QUALITY, leather boot, balanced wheels and all, professinal figure skating) roller skates used online. We skate on concrete tennis courts at a local high school, which are abandoned at night with adequate security lighting on, or on a plastic surface at a park, where people play roller blade or ground hockey.
    Outside, fresh air, just 3-4 people in the rink… what could go wrong?
    I found a chewing gum stuck on the barrier, just next to where I crash-landed. Oops, undesirable transmission vector.
    That was, by the way, totally unexpected. I mean, who does that??? So be aware of surfaces. I realize the UV from the sunshine will kill most germs, but your little sanitizer bottle is still a very good 2.5 oz of unscented prevention.
    And you still get away from your screen and get some air and movement!

  • ceeteefeebs

    Thank you so much for doing these sales on your workshops. They’ve been a bright spot for me in an otherwise very hard time.