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Moving Forward Again…

The Election in the States is Over…

So finally, after four long and lost days of far too much junk food and watching television, this election is finally over and we all can get started forward again.

So a couple of the classes that we pretty much stopped this summer will be firing back up shortly. Let me list them here, while it is still possible to jump into them at half price for a few more days.

The Decade Ahead… All four quarters… When Covid hit, we tried to do a duel course on this for a short time, one writing with Covid and one after Covid, but as it became clear the government here in this country was just pretending the entire pandemic did not exist, there was no way at all to tell what kind of future any of us had. So we extended the entire Decade Ahead through 2021, and just sort of held our breath waiting.

Until this election was decided, there didn’t seem to be a decade ahead to write or talk much about. (Oh, I saw possible futures, just didn’t want to imagine trying to teach what to do in them.) But thankfully, that has now changed. This pandemic will be attacked and beaten back. And the US will stay a democracy, for at least the next ten years.  So over the next few weeks I will be doing some new videos in the 4th quarter of The Decade Ahead talking about the decade ahead and how as writers we plan for that once again. So I will send out an email to everyone signed up (if you have not chose to block emails from Teachable) and let you know when I start posting there again.

And as I announced, this will be extended through all of 2021. Each quarter. So fine to sign up for it.

Licensing Transition… This was another year-long class that started back in 2019 and got extended through 2021 Licensing Expo in May, if it happens. If not, this will be extended again. The Licensing World sort of ground to a halt as well, with deals being done with those already in contact with each other over the last five months or so, but no way inside at the moment for the rest of us. They tried to take the Licensing Expo online and that didn’t work real well for anyone who wasn’t already involved.

But now, with a future in place, I will start once again doing videos on what to watch for, what can be done now, and when things start back up. Again I will email everyone signed up when I start those videos over the next month and into early in 2021.

Collaboration… (Not open for sign-ups.) Hold on, folks, we’ll be starting after the end of the year and writing in the spring. Holidays have enough stuff to do.

Shared World… Again, stopping this was a Covid issue to be honest. We are going to be doing a number of anthologies in this through WMG Publishing and we had to know where the new world was going before we could schedule anything like this. Honestly, that was the reason I didn’t bother to finish the last of the Cave Creek novel. I will now. And right at the first of the year I’ll start the workshop part and writing on this will be in the early part of the year as well as we all hang on through the last of the pandemic.

This election gave us all clarity. Ignore all the stupidity over the next few months and trust the system to deliver some saneness and future back to the US in 2021. We have months and months yet to get through this pandemic, but now I know we will.

And starting in 2021 we will be doing some fun new workshops and Pop-Ups, aimed at the future to help your writing and your business. You can get half-price credits for those now in the sale if you want and use the credits later.

After this election, not sure about more half-price sales going forward. I don’t expect this pandemic to be cleared or even knocked down quickly, but I do see it getting better and all of us knowing the direction things are taking. So WMG Publishing might not do another sale and just let things get back to normal as the world gets back to normal in 2021. We shall see what 2021 brings.

Welcome to the future, folks. We had a very clear split in the time stream with this election, and thankfully we took the sane path, a path we can see a future ten years out. So now that this election is in the books, we can all take a step forward and get back concentrating on writing and publishing.

And remember,  just two days left in the sale. Use the code HolidaySale to get anything on WMG Teachable at half price.  Information back in posts a week before this.

Stay safe out there.


  • DS Butler

    Thanks for the reminder about the sale!

    Out of all of the books you’ve written, Dean, have you written any in present tense? Bit of a random question, but as you’ve produced so many novels, I wondered if you’d experimented with tense.

    • dwsmith

      Each book tends to decide the tense, never occurs to me to think about it, since I just tell stories, not write words. So no memory of it, but that again doesn’t mean anything.

      By the way, stop worrying about it. It is a sign of a newer writer worrying about tense. I could tell the exact same story in past tense, present tense, future tense, or whatever strange tense you want. (That’s called knowing how to use my tools.) But most stories just fit one or the other and I let the story decide that, not me as a writer.

    • dwsmith

      Does one professional carpenter ask another about using a hammer? (grin) Learn tenses, sure, get familiar with the tools, play with them, but let each story decide what tool it needs to be told.