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Starting a Thunder Mountain Novel Tomorrow


I thought a look at the entire ten existing books plus a starter bundle of the Thunder Mountain series would be fun here tonight as tomorrow I start the 11th book in this series.

All these books can be read as a stand-alone. But lots of character and detail stuff build if you read them in order.

Since I was born and raised in Idaho and have been to these locations, Including Roosevelt, the town under water, I also thought this appropriate to show how a series could develop out of my love of science fiction, my love of time travel, and my love of the Old West history.

Sort of a hands-on example of the research workshop starting in July. (grin)

If you want to know a lot more about the history of the old west and the old mining towns, plus a suggestion of how time travel might actually work, this is the series for you.

I am very proud of this series and I sure have fun writing them. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow on Tombstone Canyon.


Thunder Mountain
Monumental Summit
Avalanche Creek
The Edwards Mansion
Lake Roosevelt
Warm Springs
Melody Ridge
Grapevine Springs
The Idanha Hotel
The Taft Ranch

All novels stand alone and can be read without reading the earlier novels.


Thunder Mountain

Offered a free trip into a remote Idaho wilderness that she loves and studies, Professor Dawn Edwards jumps at the chance.

On the trip she meets Professor Madison Rogers, and they fall for each other before they even reach their destination.

But living in the Old West proves to be a brutal task. Somehow, Dawn must survive to rescue herself, her friends, and the man she loves.

Thunder Mountain link


Monumental Summit

Bonnie and Duster Kendal, two of the world’s great mathematicians, hire historical interior designer April Buckley and architect Ryan Knott to design and furnish a huge lodge to the year 1900 standards.

Only problem: The lodge can’t be built. It can’t exist.

Yet, somehow it does because they’ve built it before. And fell in love in the process.

Monumental Summit link


Avalanche Creek

Returning to the time travel western world of Thunder Mountain, USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith weaves his most complex story to date.

In one timeline, to help with an advanced math problem, Bonnie and Duster Kendal hire Brice Lincoln.

In a second timeline, to help with an advanced math problem, Bonnie and Duster Kendal hire Dixie Smith.

When Brice and Dixie finally meet in the past in a third timeline, instant attraction. And instant problems.

A time travel western that stretches across timelines from the Idaho Wilderness to an old Boise hotel with a very special room.

Avalanche Creek link


The Edwards Mansion

Sherri Edwards only wanted to refurbish an abandoned old mansion that carried her family name. Her goal: To bring the mansion back to original glory.

But the ghost of the original owner kept chasing away all workers.

About to give up, two friends suggest she go with them into the past, to see the mansion, meet the original owner, and figure out why he killed himself.

The Edwards Mansion link


Lake Roosevelt

In a small diner on the Oregon Coast, Kelli Rae meets a handsome man named Jesse Parks.

Turns out she had seen him in a picture taken in an old mining town in Idaho over a hundred years before.

A time-travel adventure in the popular Thunder Mountain series that promises to change everything about the series.

Lake Roosevelt link


Warm Springs

Belle returns to her old hometown, looking for clues as to what happened to her great-great-grandmother a hundred years in the past.

Zane, on a secret mission into the past, never expects to meet the woman of his dreams.

A complex time travel novel that explores alternate realities, a future no one wants to face, and sets the Thunder Mountain universe going into the future.

Warm Springs link


Melody RidgeMelody Ridge

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith wrote for decades about a jukebox that took a listener back to the memory attached to a song. The Jukebox Series consists of more than twenty short stories and gathered numbers of award nominations and movie options.

Then in 2012, Dean started work on the Thunder Mountain series of novels, starting with the novel Thunder Mountain. Time travel novels set partially in the Old West.

Now, finally, in Melody Ridge, he combines the two worlds and reveals the origin of the jukebox for the first time. Find out what happens if Stout from the Garden Lounge finally meets the inventors of the time-traveling jukebox—because the past might just change his future.

Melody Ridge link


Grapevine Springs

Could the entire history of an Old West mining town be false?

Did Grapevine Springs ever really exist?

Duster Kendal wants to know the answer to that question. But to get the answer, he must turn for help from two top researchers who must risk everything, including their lives, to find the answer.

Grapevine Springs link


 The Idanha Hotel

1902: Boise, Idaho. Megan Taber loves her job baking at the Idanha Hotel. Widowed young, she knows the rest of her life revolves around her baking.

Carol Kogan, a doctor and researcher from the future, eats breakfast every morning at the Idanha Hotel just for Megan’s fresh breads.

Until one fine May morning in 1902, when Carol meets Megan outside the hotel. Before they finish their conversation, Megan collapses from a massive heart attack.

Carol knows saving Megan with 1902 medicine would prove impossible. But saving her with future medicine might prove even more dangerous—for both of them.

The Idanha Hotel link


The Taft Ranch

Duster Kendal knows something must be wrong when a tree blocks the road to the Taft Ranch. Turns out Lee Taft failed to return from his last trip into the past.

Duster fears the worst, that time kicked Lee into a distant and inhospitable future with no hope of return. And no hope of rescue.

A story of survival through centuries of time.

USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith takes readers once again into his fan favorite Thunder Mountain time travel series, but this time into the distant future instead of the near past.

The Taft Ranch link


The Thunder Mountain Starter Bundle

An innovative series that defies genre classification, USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith’s Thunder Mountain Series offers a compelling mix of science fiction, time travel, historical fiction set in the old west, and even a dash of romance.

This starter bundle includes the first three books in the series: Thunder Mountain, Monumental Summit, and Avalanche Creek.

Bundle link


  • Prasenjeet Kumar

    How do you decide which series to write in? And how do you fit in time for research relating to old mining towns and the wild west? Or is it something you’ve already studied at school or in college or keep reading about it, so no research required?

    • dwsmith

      What series? Whatever strikes me, honestly. When I did the April short story challenge I did about 300 words on a story and realized it was a Thunder Mountain novel so stopped and that just sort of stuck in the fact I wanted to do that next. Of course, I had to finish two other novels first. (grin)

      As for research, well the answer to that question is a six week workshop called Depth #3: Research that is starting in July. In other words, not an easy answer. I was born and raised in Idaho and love the Old West, and both sides of my family were pioneers into the area, so I have some basis of knowledge about it. And I have hiked those mountains, the first time after I read Zane Grey’s novel “Thunder Mountain.” But when I need something for a book in this challenge, I stop writing and go find the information and then go back to writing. But there are tricks to that and ways to do it correctly. That’s why there is no simple answer to that question.

  • allynh

    Went to Amazon to check out the list:

    Book 10 of 11 in the Thunder Mountain Series

    Now that’s what I like to see. HA!