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Spent My Night Trying to Get Writers to Follow Instructions

A Stupid Task I Must Admit…

But critical for the anthology workshop to even begin to work. I am not sure what makes writers so incapable of following basic guidelines. Ah, well, this first week is over, so from here on out I can just bounce or ignore a story if the writer doesn’t get the instructions right. Much easier on me. I just wish I had the hours I lost tonight back.

And on other news, the Pop-Up on Short Romance is now live. It has a short story assignment with it, as do the other Pop-Ups. However, the first Pop-Up is now gone and can only be accessed through buying one of the bundles. (Remember, they vanish after two weeks unless you are signed up and it is on your dashboard or you have one of the bundles with that Pop-Up included. Get them on Teachable.

And on workshop news, the December regular workshops will be starting this week.

And also almost no one has taken us up on our $750 free workshop tuition to the Master Business Class in Vegas in October for Lifetime Online Workshop Subscribers. Details are a few posts back here.

And yes to a question I got, you can give workshops or lifetime subscriptions as a gift. Just write me.



  • Sean McLachlan

    Writers often shoot themselves in the foot. I remember doing my first book back in 2003. It was a history book and the editor gave me a year deadline. I handed it in on the 51st week and she sent a rapturous reply about how wonderful it was that I had handed it in early. When I wrote her that I didn’t think week 51 of a 52 week deadline was all that early, she told me she was used to authors always being late!

  • Kenny Norris

    You know what, Dean, I would’ve loved to take up the free tuition to the Master Business Class. Alas tis not in the cards.

    The pages of notes would be nice but more importantly, for me, would be the networking.

  • Maree

    anytime I try to do prompts I always seem quirk off at a different angle. It’s why I enjoy your blog. You have a strong screw the establishment vibe. I think maybe you attract nonconformist writers and lol they don’t get the difference between adhering to guidelines and restricting creativity.