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Special Mystery Workshops

Both Are Sent Out…

If during the Crimes Collide Kickstarter, you took either or both of the mystery workshops, WRITING MYSTERY ENDINGS or WRITING CROSS GENRE MYSTERY, you should have in your email the information about them now. If you can’t find it, make sure you are looking on the email you used for Kickstarter, and also check your spam filter. If you still can’t find the email, contact me at once since both first sessions of the workshops start today.

If you have not done the survey, do that and Josh will get me your information and I will send you the letter.

For some reason we really pushed the start dates up close to the end of the campaign and had to go with what we had even though not all surveys are in yet.

And sorry, they are not up for sale and never will be. They were only available through the Kickstarter.

Other news on that, the books will be another week and the Pop-Ups will be at least three weeks.


Kris and I were walking to lunch today and got talking about the three challenges we offer. Write a 30,000 word novel or up every two months for a year, or publish something major like a novel or a collection every month for a year, or write a short story every week for a year. Fun challenges.

But then Kris said something about what happens if people like to write novellas? She does and so do I. That is the length between 15,000 words and 30,000 words. And stories that length come in really handy in all sorts of sales and promotions and so on. And since they are a major story, they help a lot in discoverability.

So my question here… Is anyone interested at some point in having an ongoing Novella Challenge added to the mix??  Same as the other three. One novella a month for a year, $600 to buy in, if you miss you get $600 in credit for anything but a challenge, and if you hit the full year you get a lifetime subscription of your choice.

Just email me or leave a comment here if interested at some point down the road. Not a commitment, just me testing the waters. I honestly don’t think there will be much interest, but it sure would be a type of challenge I would do, so figured I would ask. Email me or put in the comments. If not interested, don’t say anything. Thanks!!


March and April Workshops will be posted shortly and we will be doing a brand new workshop starting in March. It is called Secrets to Being a Better Writer. This is a craft workshop designed to help you through some of the myths and problems that are keeping your skill level down. Might be the most ambitious craft workshop we have ever tried, right there with Depth and Power Words.  So watch for that.


  • Fabien

    Oh yes a novella challenge would be just great. I would definitely take it. And it would obviously fit so well with the “publish a thing a month” one. I was actually surprised not to see it when you launched the other challenges.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    I’ve been writing a lot of novellas, so that’s a hard yes on the whole challenge concept. In the spirit of being more strategic about the publishing end of things (as per the Master Business Workshop,) I would appreciate if the publishing endpoint for the novellas could have a “publishing plan option.” Meaning, if I am writing in a world that still needs to be knitted together, I’d rather not launch the story just for the sake of the challenge. I’m saying this because I had been guilty of hasty publishing during the publishing challenge and it bit me in the rear later!

    • dwsmith

      Not sure what you mean by Publishing Plan option. You mean a class of some sort? Actually with all the novella classes going along with the Study Alongs and In Person workshops, having something like that might not be a bad idea. Tell me more of what you are thinking and why you think publishing the story challenges went wrong. Here in the comments is fine so others can learn as well.

  • Stefon Mears

    Yeah, I’d be up for that. I’ve written a few, and have a few series ideas that I think might* work well at novella length.

    *Note: They sound to me like novellas. But my creative voice might just decide: “Oh, no, these are novels. MWAHAHAHA!” It’s happened before, and I’ve learned not to argue.