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Finished a Short Novel

Might Only Be a Novella

Tonight I finished another Pakhet Jones story. Now basically I have written an entire larger story in six or seven short stories over the last month and a half. The one last night that I didn’t think stood up that well as a short story, only Kris said it did. Go figure, I’m only the author. I don’t know anything. And I mean that honestly when it comes to my own work.

So tomorrow I am going to take all those stories and do the connecting tissue and a bunch more depth and see if it climbs solidly into novella length and maybe short novel (over thirty thousand) but I don’t think so.

Kris writes like this a great deal, doing sections of books, often two or three different books, and then at some point when her creative voice is ready, she knits them all together. I am honestly not fond of this method, but I needed a book for a bundle and for Smith’s Monthly this month, and since getting the short stories done was talking most of my writing time this last month, I figured this might work and it seems it has.

Cover for February Smith’s Monthly is below.

And on the question from last night about the new workshop, a lot of people said they would be interested, so enough for me and Kris to do it, so when I post March workshops shortly, it will be available there. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.