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Speaking of Kickstarters…

2023 WMG Holiday Spectacular…

It will start on the 17th, over a week away, but since I was writing fiction tonight and don’t have much time for a blog to keep the blog streak going, I thought I would mention the new campaign so you can follow it and get notified when we do launch. It is going to be amazing.

Click here for the promotion page.

And how about this nifty logo for the Holiday Spectacular, done by the fantastic Stephanie Writt at WMG. How cool is that going to look on mugs and things with the fantastic holiday art? Don’t miss this fifth year of getting an original holiday story every day from American Thanksgiving through January 1st. (And you even will get three stories by me this year.)


  • Chris

    Just wanted to add that the Holiday Spectacular is particularly fun and perfect for the holidays.

    But I also wanted to thank you and the WMG team for continuing to provide a Kindle Legacy (.mobi) version of your eBooks. My old kindle Fire is still going strong, and I love that I can easily load your books onto it. Not all Kickstarters do that, not even the really big ones!

    Thank you!


    • dwsmith

      Chris, the credit for us is how smart we are using Bookfunnel to deliver our books electronically. They can help you load to anything. They are amazing.