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Sort of Rest and Errands Day

Yup, New York Times Bestsellers Just Do Regular Stuff…

I have sold more millions of books than I want to think about and last time I counted was five years ago now. And here I talk about workshops and helping writers and doing posts with observations and about my running or bundles my books are in. But this is a filler blog about my day. Feel free to jump to tomorrow.

So today was errands. And rest. So I am wasting your time, you know, to show how writers are just normal folks, as you all know.

I wanted to rest today because, to be honest, I just sort of felt lazy. No real reason, honestly. Errands, because they needed to be done. You know, groceries and all that.

So my day today was this. Did a little email, then around 1 pm headed out, treated myself to some Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets because, well, I could and seldom if ever do that. Like never, and trust me, they were not worth waiting for and will be a long time before I buy them again. (grin)

Then picked up some deserts for Kris in a store in Henderson that makes deserts she can eat and that are scary good. Then I jumped on the freeway and thirty minutes later I was at my favorite high-end grocery store out in Summerlin.

Took my time, got groceries for the week, for Thanksgiving next week, and made it home by around 5:30 to have dinner with Kris.

Then I did a little more email and instead of getting into a few writing projects I want to do, and some recording I want to do, I went and watched television (bad movies) while Kris was down in our office on the first floor working, so I didn’t feel guilty at all.

Now I just did a little more email and wrote this filler blog to keep my blogging streak alive. Amazing how I can write 350 words about nothing worth reading about. Now back to a movie and tomorrow will be a regular day.

Aren’t you glad you wasted your time reading this. Sorry? I will get better.