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Sometimes It’s Just a Day

Friday again…

I tend to be at a loss of energy on Friday nights.

I have always wanted to believe the loss of energy was caused by the fact that for 17 years of my life I tended bar and Fridays were the big day. Friday, the day of the week when all the amateur drinkers went out and pretended they knew what they were doing.

Now understand, I haven’t tended bar since I sold my first novel in May of 1988.

Same day, actually. I wish I could say I was stupid and quit my job when I sold my first novel, but actually I had just been laid off, walked home, and the phone was ringing and I had just sold my first novel. Never looked for another real-world job.

I figured it was a sign, or some such thing. I’m not really a believer in anything, but getting laid off and selling a first novel all within one hour could make almost anyone believe they were destined to be a fiction writer.

Seems that was right. In hindsight.

So I am pretty certain the Friday blahs are not left over from a form of body memory from almost thirty years ago. And I don’t drink or go out and party and I hate to go to movies when theaters are crowded. So nothing about the normal “Let’s go party because the week is over crap.”

More than likely the Friday blahs come from it being the end of a banking week.

For a long time I have focused on money for first my writing career, then Pulphouse Publishing, then my writing career again, and now WMG Publishing. Fridays the banks close for a few days. I can relax.

And I always plan on getting a bunch of writing done on Friday and I tend not to get that much. Today I managed a few thousand more words and watched too much television and looked up a bunch of stuff for the half marathon I plan on running in January.

But the end of the banking week I think causes my drop in energy. That is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Another Friday come and gone.

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  • Harvey

    ” I had just been laid off, walked home, and the phone was ringing and I had just sold my first novel.”
    What an idea for a novel. (grin)

    Hey, I just wanted to say Thank You for being there every day. I appreciate this blog more than you know. Almost always something to be mined, often an epiphany.

    Just to register an opinion (and being fully aware of the correlation between body parts and opinions), I for one miss the running word count totals at the bottom of the posts. But I’ll adjust to checking the other page.

    • dwsmith

      I sort of miss them as well, Harvey. I haven’t done the other pages yet tonight. Went back to writing for a bit.

      I might do a “cluttered” post once a week on weekends just for the fun of it. (grin)

      • Marsha

        Me too. I appreciate the new look, but I miss the word counts being right there. I’m not sure why they matter, because hey, they’re your word counts and have nothing to do with me—other than they remind me that
        a) I can always strive to write more, and
        b) whatever I write is a win, and
        c) no words doesn’t mean the end of my writing world.

        Like Harvey I am very grateful for this blog of yours. For me, it makes me feel that I’m not alone in my isolated writing world. So thank you for being obsessive and keeping your streak alive!