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Some Updates

On Different Streaks, Challenges, and Exercise…

— Today is 3,084 straight days I have done a blog a day here without missing.

Yup, that’s nuts.

— I am slowly ramping back up my exercise, gaining a little bit more a week on a walking streak. I let myself relax and not push after the marathon because I wanted to just not think about it over the holidays. So going to take me another month or so to get the steps back up to pre-marathon levels. And maybe two months to drop the weight down to marathon level and then keep it going down.

So all fine there.

— I’m a few stories behind on my story streak. No surprise at all there with world events and other crap going on. I will have a fun catch-up short story week sometime in the next month. That will be fun. I will talk about it here so some of you who want to can try to stay with me for three or four days.

— Ramping up Smith’s Monthly, which is also a major learning curve on a number of things. But should have the next issue out by the end of the month (if my brain doesn’t explode) and also a ton of organization starting to take shape by then.

— I should finish up the Cave Creek short novel in the next week as well and get that to WMG so I can get it out to everyone in that class and we can get that up and running finally. I know Covid is not over, but I really want to ramp a bunch of this stuff back up that we can do to keep us all busy.

— By the way, on the licensing, the expo is set for August. I’ll talk a lot more about that in that class once we get into March and April.

So if the world can get through the next nine days, basically I’m on track so far in most areas.

And that’s the update. Stay safe out there.

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