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Some Pictures

We Had A Great Holiday Season…

So thought I would post some pictures of a couple of the events. First off, on Saturday, Kris and I were joined by Val and Steph and we did a 5k charity run. Cold, but turned sunny. I walked a large part of it to take care of a strained muscle.

Then we headed for a wonderful breakfast. So that’s the first picture.

Then on Christmas Eve, Kris and I went out for a special dinner and the concierge in our building took a photo of us. Wonderful meal.

Today I cooked us a turkey and while it was in the oven we went on a long hike looking at holiday lights and decorations in three or four of the huge casinos on the Strip. Fun, but wow was it crowded in a few places. No pictures of it.

Hope all of you had a good holiday season. Ours lasted over a month and we enjoyed every bit of it. Now, back to the new year focus on publishing and writing.