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Some Online Workshop Information

Some General Updates…

Over the next month or so I will be finishing moving all the of the classic workshops over to Teachable. Right now there are about four or five there now.

And I will redo the Curriculum for the workshops to add in the new ones we have done this spring and summer.

In the meantime, October, November and December workshops are listed. I have some To Be Announced slots over the next three monhts, but not sure if we will fill those or not. In September five of the twelve offered workshops has no one in it. And not even the new workshop filled. So got a hunch if that is the case through the fall, we will be cutting back this schedule. But right now the workshops offered will be there.

I got a couple questions over the last few days about workshops and which one I thought was important after taking Depth and Advanced Depth. Honestly, in the October schedule, I think two of the workshops are critical and very few people take them. Teams in Fiction and Endings.

Teams workshop makes writing novels a ton easier once you know the team structures. Endings workshop is always a surprise to people because endings are not what they were taught in English classes. And yet for sales, endings are everything to get readers to buy the next book. That is a critical workshop and very few have taken it.

So anyhow, wanted to put that information out here tonight. I will announce as the classic workshops get set up on Teachable.

Information at

October Workshops Available

Class #37… Oct 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #38… Oct 3rd … Endings
Class #39… Oct 3rd … Point of View
Class #40… Oct 3rd … Writing Mysteries
Class #41… Oct 3rd … Speed
Class #42… Oct 3rd … Teams in Fiction
Class #43… Oct 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #44… Oct 4th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #45… Oct 4th … Character Development
Class #46… Oct 4th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #47… Oct 4th … Advanced Depth
Class #48… Oct 4th … (TBA)


  • Gnondpom

    If you’ve never taken one of Dean and Kris’ workshop, they are amazing. Really worth the money. I still can’t believe that anyone can get access to such a wealth of information from long-time professional writers, and that Dean takes so much time out of his busy schedule to teach (and not even get paid for it).

    If you want to have a feel of what those workshops look like, without spending any money, there is one that is fully accessible on youtube (the Originality workshop). It is quite old but still full of useful information.

    • Mike

      I will second and third this comment. I’ve taken 5 already in the last few years and every time I find myself amazed at the awareness these workshops open up. The craft workshops teach first what is possible from a number of different angles, then how to do it, how to practice, and how to study. I usually enjoy them so much I check the night before the passwords are supposed to be posted, just hoping they were posted early.

      I like to think of these as time portals – while they won’t instantly make you a better writer (you actually need to practice for that), you’ll learn things that might otherwise take you years to even realize existed (if you learn them at all). And all that in only six weeks! So essentially, you’re saving yourself years of floundering. AND these were designed by two long-term pros who’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know.

      Plus – and Dean points this out – some of the topics covered are so vast that what you learn in these workshops is only scratching the surface of possibility (which is INSANE because you learn so much). That might excite some people and be intimidating to others but you don’t leave any of these workshops thinking, “I wonder what I should do next.” There’s always self-study steps included. Plus, if you take good notes, you can always run back through them and even re-do the assignments if you want. I do that periodically and always find something new because I’m at a different point in my writing than I was when I took it.

      I plan on taking a bunch more in the next 12 months and will continue to do so for as long as Dean and Kris are offering them. I still can’t believe they only charge $300.

      One other cool feature of these workshops: The first one I took was when I was very new to writing. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I liked the “romance” of being A Writer or if I really enjoyed the craft. It took about two videos before my heart was racing from being so excited by the principles being laid out in the workshop. By the last video of the week, I knew FOR SURE this was something I needed to keep doing. So, if you’re on the fence, scrape together the money and find out for yourself.

      • dwsmith

        Wow, thanks, Mike. All very kind of you to say and very rewarding to know that what we are trying to do actually works at times. Our guiding star on these workshops is always the saying, “What would we have wanted to know?” So great to hear that the awareness aspects is actually working. Appreciated very much.