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Some More On Licensing Expo

Dates Are Set for 2023

Licensing Expo 2023 will be at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from May 23rd through 26th. That is Tues-Wed-Thur.

Now, as I have said, I tried my best in the smaller show this year to see everything in three days. I walked the floor right up until the last hour the last afternoon.

I was looking for everything I could see, every idea, every type of branding and licensing, and I ended up with a number of preliminary meetings with some.

But my goal was to see everything if I could. I thought I had done a pretty good job, to be honest.

So this afternoon, Kris writes a blog about the Licensing Expo and uses two examples I flat somehow completely missed. She’s talking about a Killer Klowns from Outer Space licensing area and display. And also Kris is talking in her blog, with pictures of both, about a Ringling Bros display.


Until this afternoon, I did not know Ringling Bros. were coming back with that famous brand in a ton more different and new ways. Check out their web site.

This year was a smaller show than it will be next year, and I spent three full days walking the floor, often with other people who noticed a lot of things I did not, and I still missed both of those that Kris saw and went and looked at and studied for examples of how to take an IP and move forward.

Starting to get an idea of how big this Expo is?

And how big licensing for those of us who own IP really is? Just amazing and exciting and frightening all at the same time.