Some Help If You Can for Ted White

Yes, one of the great editors in the history of science fiction and fantasy needs a little help. I was surprised when I saw this pop up tonight. I did not realize Ted was still alive. And that he is only 13 years older than I am.

I never managed to sell him anything, but still liked him.

Now it appears he needs a little help, so click on the link and read his letter and see if you can spare a few bucks to help him stay in his childhood home.



  • Sheila

    I was glad to see he’s exceeded his goal already! That is so nice. 🙂

    I would have commented over there, but I’m not giving GoFundMe my Facebook friends lists and the other stuff it says it will get, but I wonder if Ted had considered doing freelance editing for indies? I’d bet there are a lot of SFF writers who would hire him, if he was up to doing it. It could make for a second income, depending on how much he could do.