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Some Bundle Fun

Bundlerabbit is Nifty!!…

If you folks are not familiar with Bundlerabbit, you should be. Especially as a writer. They are doing some wonderful stuff and the website is great. You can load up your work there and curators can put together bundles, or you can curate a bundle if you want. All the details are on the site.

Like Storybundle, you can buy the bundle right there on Bundlerabbit, but unlike other sites, Bundlerabbit puts the bundles out for sale online in all the normal places like Amazon, Kobo, and so on.

Over this last year I have been in a few bundles through Bundlerabbit and hope to be in a few more.  All the bundles are still available. So thought I would show you the nifty bundles here in case you wanted to get a few of my novels or stories with other great writer’s work at the same time.

Click on any of the images to go directly to the bundle.

Cold Call

Jukebox Gifts

Morning Song

Roses Around the Moment

Star Rain


  • Jack Giannis


    That is nifty! Love that the bundle goes wide. Great looking bundles you are in, too.

    And Aha! Behold in the Magic Bakery:

    Can one put together a boxed omnibus of single-author series titles? (Hope so. I would guess so. Haven’t gone to sign us up yet…)


  • Sean Monaghan

    This might seem obvious, but how much material would you put with them? Have you uploaded all of WMG’s material, or just some select items? It seems like a strategy to put up the first book in a series, rather than all of those. I got around to putting one item up, but have neglected following up there.

    • dwsmith

      We’re going to try, as we work it in, to put up all the WMG books there. But it will take some time to do that.