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A Few More Strength Workshop Questions Answered

Been Getting Some Good Questions…

So figured I would answer them here.

Question: Do I have to start with Regular Craft or can I do Regular Business or Regular Sales strength workshop first?

Answer: You can do any of the regular strength workshops you want first. Or just alone. A number have signed up only for the Regular Sales.

Question: Can I work on more than one workshop at the same time?

Answer: Sure, you can do as many workshops at the same time as you want. So far this new method and Kris and I doing assignments as they come in hasn’t taxed us. In fact, it has been fun.


Question: When you start up the Craft Two, Business Two, and Sales Two workshops, can we take those without doing the regular one first?

Answer: No. The second workshops in each category build on the first one.


Question: If I buy all six for the discounted $1,500, do I have to tell you which free online workshop I want to do at that point?

Answer: Nope, you can bank that free online workshop until you figure out which one would be best. We added that in as a bonus because we will be telling some to take certain online workshops.


Question: How long do I have to complete the classes?

Answer: As long as you want. We have no plans to take them down. But we are still thinking of limiting the enrollment period.

Any questions at all about the Strengths workshop, feel free to write me.

You can find the three workshops at:


And if you want to pay for them all at once, write me directly.