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Smith’s Monthly #46 Out Tomorrow

In Theory… 

That means that I will have gotten two months out in a row, and already working on Smith’s Monthly #47 layout (March issue) and putting #48 together (April issue). As I do covers for short stories, I’ll post them here.

But I have a desire to do a novel quickly, so I may do one of those books that I talk about the writing moment-by-moment each day for 10 days. The reason I got onto this idea was way back (years and years ago) I did that here, put all the blogs together into a book called Writing a Novel in Ten Days.

Well, that book is in #46 coming out on Thursday. The entire book. So I just laid it out earlier in the week for the paper edition and by the time I was done going through that, I thought “Wow, that would be fun to do again, only with a shorter book.”

I think my eye can handle about 4,000 words a day, with all the email and homework assignments and such that I do as well. And I figured it might be interesting to a few of you what my daily life here in Vegas is like while writing a book.

I would literally detail out my day hour-by-hour for ten days. Just like I did in that other book. I would return four or five times a day to add to the blog post started. In essence, a running record of each day, focused on the writing.

I would not talk about the book itself, or even which book I will write (at the moment I have no clue, I will decide when I start typing.) I will just call it the beginning writer thing… “The Novel.” (grin) I might say things like “I’m stuck.” Or “Going well.”

So if I start on Friday, I got ten days until the first of March, so maybe I will give it a try.

And that will take care of another novel for another month of Smith’s Monthly in the future. Not repeating any novels or any short stories in the magazines.

So I will let you know on Thursday if I’m going to give this a try again. I think it would be great fun and Kris says I should do it.

Cover for Smith’s Monthly #46 coming out on Thursday is below. I think the Thunder Mountain novel in this one might be one of the best. Kris said so as well. This is the first time that novel has been published anywhere. And yes, I will be working on the Patreon page and the web site for Smith’s Monthly at

You can subscribe from there.