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Six Weeks of Motivational Mondays…

I’m Having Fun With Them…

And the “Pithy Comment” each week as well.  Six weeks so far since I started back in December. 3 videos plus the comment each week. So each quarter there should be 39 videos and 13 Pithy Comments. (More this first quarter since I started early.)

You can jump into them at any point. I hope those of you in there are enjoying them.

So tonight, for the 23rd story this month, I did another Bryant Street story and for the first time in the hundred or so Bryant Street stories I have written, this is the first one that could easily be a novel and I think I would enjoy the hell out of writing it.

And Kris thinks that three of my stories would be good at Queen. Might give one or two of them a shot, just to shock the hell out of the editor. (grin)

Crimes Collide Kickstarter hit the sixth stretch reward and we have four days left, so lots of time to get more free books and writing classes. So pass the word and if you have any interest at all in mystery writing, no matter in what genre, don’t miss those two special workshops. Kris and I think they will be very much worth your time and money.


  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Very curious about the stories Kris thinks would be good for Queen. Could you tell us which are those, when you upload them to Patreon?

  • Kat Faitour

    I love your Motivational Mondays!

    I’m using them to get my writing speed up to a point where I can take the leap and start my Novel Challenge (already enrolled, just not ready for life reasons to start yet).

    Thanks so much for thinking of such a great way to help keep writers motivated throughout an entire year!