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Short Post Tonight

Talking Tomorrow Morning Early…

To the winners of Writers of the Future. Looks like a great group of writers.

Today, after I got in, I got to sit beside Orson Scott Card and listen to Eric Flint talk, then Larry Niven talked about the great writers of science fiction. Tim Powers was there as well and then we went for a book signing where Rob Sawyer, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Keven J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Doug Beason, Jody Lyn Nye, and Dave Wolverton joined in.

Had a great dinner with Jody Lyn Nye and Eric Flint, and a great conversation with Kevin J. Anderson before going to get my tux for the ceremony. Then a great conversation about poker with Tim Powers.

Great to see old friends again. I didn’t have my long hair and hat, so a lot of people didn’t recognize me.

Now off to sleep so I can talk in the morning.


  • allynh


    Ask Kevin J. Anderson why Budrys’ Writing to the Point has gone out of print. The price of the used copies is ridiculous again.

    It was POD, it should never go out of print.