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New Pop-Up Available

How to Work From Home…

That is now Pop-Up #20. Kris and I have had this one on the Pop-Up list for a while and it finally dawned on us to get it up now, while so many writers are struggling to work from home. This is not only for this pandemic, but for writers and other professionals looking at working from home in the future.

How to get organized, time management, motivation, and problems. Lots of stuff, plus, like all Pop-Ups, a story prompt as well.

And yes, you can get it half price in the Summer Learning Sale for two more days. And I loaded it into the Pop-Up Bundle 11-20 and in the Pop-Up Bundle 16-20.

Two people have asked if we were ever going to do a Lifetime Subscription to the Pop-Ups. Not now. Maybe we’ll think about it at some point. The bundles of them seem to work. We have another dozen topics still on our Pop-Up list including how to make a living with novels.

So a new Pop-Up launched right in the middle of the sale. If you are having trouble with getting words done during this crisis, even though you have time, this Pop-Up might be for you.

And remember, if you want to get anything from WMG Publishing on Teachable at half price, just use the code:


And yes, that does include lifetime subscriptions and bundles and Pop-Ups, including the new one.

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  • E. R. Paskey

    Sounds like a much-needed Pop-up! Will this one by any chance also be added to the Decade Ahead class?

    Happy belated anniversary to you and Kris!

    And thanks again for running this sale for writers. I hope a lot of people are able to catch it. I took the opportunity yesterday to pick up Pop-up #11. 🙂