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May Workshops Starting

Tuesday and Wednesday…

All May regular workshops are starting up and there is still time to get into them. And June workshops are available as well to sign up for.

And all of them are half price in (we hope) the last sale we are going to do to help writers through this time. (Details in yesterday’s blog. Every class, subscription, lecture, and workshop is half price until Friday.) This staying at home for all of us is lasting a lot longer than we all thought. But there are glimmerings of hope in the next few months.

But life still goes on during this shutdown.

Today was Kris and my 34th anniversary of the day we met in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the instructions of Algis Budrys. Normally we would go out for a nice dinner, maybe a movie.


So at lunch Kris came up with a great idea to make this anniversary kind of different for us. We jumped in our car and headed for a place called Cafe No Fur. Basically, a vegan hamburger joint that inside, when open, looks like an old diner. Walk up window was still open and we ordered a milkshake and fries to split.

I can not remember the last time I had an almond milk milkshake and fries at a real old-fashioned style diner. Decades, maybe. Just not something either Kris or I would normally eat.

It was to die for. Heavenly. We just sat there in the car like a couple of teenagers out on a date working on this huge milkshake and what seemed like a tub of fries. An anniversary (just because of that moment) that will be remembered.

Then we went home and back to work. We both had a ton of things to get done. (grin)

Kris, very, very lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for a great 34 years.

And a great milkshake and fries.

(Picture was taken by Jerry Oltion of me and Kris standing on the top of Monumental Summit in the area that my Thunder Mountain books are set. This was about 30 years ago or so.)