Short Post Tonight to Keep My Streak Alive

Just got back to the room from the poker room….

I managed to get my 10,000 steps, do almost 3,000 words on the novel, and play a bunch of poker. I will detail it all out to those who are following the challenge after I get back how I managed to do that.

I got knocked out of the tournament about four spots out of the money (big tournament) so since my friend I was with was still in the tournament, I moved over and sat down in a 4/8 limit game. (I haven’t played limit poker on a live table in a decade or more, but it was the only thing available to kill some time until he got done.

Made a few hundred doing that, so fun. Not as much fun as my normal no-limit, but still better than nothing.

So tomorrow I head to the coast, then this weekend back to Vegas.

If you haven’t gotten a response from me on a letter you sent today or late yesterday, don’t panic, I will get to all of them tomorrow evening.


  • Irena

    Hi Dean! I was looking for the post where you were talking about the different ways writers tend to be wired. For example, some have architect like thinking process, others explorer like thinking process, etc… with some big names as examples. It was such an interesting and fun observation and now it’ driving me crazy because I want to read it again and I can’t find it on the site. Could you please help me out? No luck using your search box or Google. Tnx so much, your blog is my favorite online magic bakery 🙂

    • dwsmith

      Irena, not me I’m afraid. I don’t even think that way to be honest. Try Dave Wolverton’s site. He sort of thinks that way.

      • irena

        Oh, this is so interesting! Sure, I’m aware that writing into the dark combined with cycling is your style, but under that umbrella, I think I’ve read a comment of yours along those lines, that you tend to reason like an architect… and I thought, of course, it makes sense. But perhaps I misunderstood… And thanks for keeping the blog, it is one of the most helpful things I’ve encountered. Especially the challenges. So cool!

        • dwsmith

          Well, I do have a master’s level degree in architecture, so it might very well have been me, but I sure don’t think that way. Where I see writer’s and architects being very, very similar is in the need to be experts in a thousand different things when needed. Five minute experts. Architects need to know everything from design to the specs on a stove to the life-span of a tile for the bathroom and more. Writer’s, in a story, tend to become quick experts on a ton of different stuff as needed as well. Now that I would have said. (Grin)