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Great Fun Today

Taking a Very Short Trip...

In fact, only a few days. Back in Vegas this weekend.

I am flying first class and so got to go into the lounge area for the airline. Wow, nice, with all kinds of free food and comfortable tables and places to work. So since I had gotten to the airport early, I managed 1,300 words on the challenge novel in the lounge.

Then on the two hour flight, my writing was only interrupted by them serving me dinner. (Yeah, tough life flying first class, but I can do that because flights in and out of Vegas are stunningly cheap if you know how to watch for them.)

I managed another 1,700 words in the two hour flight, just humming right along on this little iPad with its own keyboard. (Really helps to be in a big seat with lots of room to spread out.)

And I got my 10,000 steps in, even though I lost my FitBit on the plane. My iPhone told me I did. In Terminal #3 at the Vegas airport, it is exactly one mile from one end of the “E” concourse and back. One long hike I did three times. (Grin)

So tomorrow going for 10,000 steps again, five thousand words, and some great poker with a friend. Then on Friday to the coast and back to Vegas over the weekend.

Great fun for me that I could write and get the exercise and not eat one bit of junk food even though walking that airport I had to pass about a ton of it.

By the way, down 14 pounds in just over five weeks. Another 14 to go to get to my first goal.  No junk food for me in the airport on the way back and the meal they served me on the airline was a protein plate. Yummy stuff.

And by the way, with this nifty new iPad and keyboard, I can also do all the workshop stuff from here as well without issue. So any questions on anything, feel free to write me, folks.



  • Tracy May Adair

    Congrats on the weight loss! I also was traveling and managed about 3k words in the airport international lounge in Rio, they really are great places to work now that they are well set up for recharging devices and with tons of workspaces. Would love if you included some info on the keyboard you’re using with the iPad in one of your posts. I recall seeing a picture of it some weeks ago but am curious about which you have since it is working so well for you.

    • dwsmith

      I see no brand name on this thing. It is part of a protective cover which unfolds into a keyboard and the iPad powers it, so clearly it must be an Apple product. But not one bit of trademark on the thing. I got it when I got the iPad at an AT&T store.

    • Mike

      Pretty sure what Dean is describing is the Apple Smart Keyboard. Available for the iPad Pro models. I’ve heard good things about it.

      I have just a regular iPad (Smart Keyboard not available for that) and have had good success when traveling with the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard. It’s so thin (thinner even than the iPad) but with a great keyboard feel. If they made it a little bigger, I would maybe use it as my main keyboard for everything (it is Bluetooth). But then again, if it were any bigger, it might not fit on the tray tables on the plane.

  • Kate Pavelle

    That’s great, Dean! I’ve also began using the iPad/keyboard combo. I do miss some of the full Word features, but that can wait for the cleanup stage on my laptop. And having everything backed up on GoogleDocs is a real relief. No more stray little flash drives floating about. I’d use them, but the bigger ones are no longer compatible with my (old) dedicated offline writing computer.