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Short Post Tonight

First Off, Thanks for the Anniversary Wishes…

Very much appreciated, both here on this blog and in letters and on Facebook. Kris and I are both kind of surprised it has been that long as well. (grin)

Second, the code to get half off of the workshops or lectures or subscriptions is


A number of people today had trouble getting that in the right place. Basically you find a workshop or lecture or class you want to get half off for the next three days and hit “Purchase Course.”

On the page that comes up, right at the top, it says, “Add Coupon.”

Put in the code SummerLearning2020 at that spot and it will show the price as half price. If any problems, write me. A number of people paid full price accidentally today and I just refunded half. No problem, but figured I had never really made it clear where to put the code, so had better tonight.

Tomorrow I am up slightly early to go out into the wilds of the grocery stores. Gloves soaked in sanitizer and a mask solidly on my face. I will be back and at this computer before my normal time, weirdly enough. Those trips are starting to feel like mini-dreams.

Everyone stay safe.