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Short One Tonight

Just to Keep the Blog Streak Alive

The streak is somewhere around 1,700 straight days without missing doing a blog, even a short one like this one.

And I hope to be back writing soon once again. Got a cat errand to run first, though.

Tonight Kris and I went to Black Panther, as good a movie as everyone has been saying.

Like I said, keeping the blog short tonight. Not even anything about workshops tonight. (grin)

And I found it interesting that not one person argued with me on my weekly hint video about giving audio a second thought at times. No one agreed, no one yelled at me. Where is the fun in all that? (grin)




  • Kenny

    Do you want an argument about your audio weekly hint video?

    If you do, here’s one!

    What do you know, XYZ Writing / Marketing Guru said that audio is the way to go! I must have audio!


    Okay, I know, I’ll get back to writing now.

  • Jes

    I wanted to say I have been enjoying the weekly tips. I was surprised by this weeks. But not entirely.
    If anyone is on the shelf about signing up I’d encourage you to give it a try. The tips are pertinent and give you something to think on and use in your writing and business of writing life.
    I’ve really gotten a lot from them and look forward to them each week.
    Thanks Dean, Kris, and the rest of the team!

  • Thomas Bennett

    I understand that it’s not financially feasible for a lot of indie writers to do audio. It’s the same argument I had with the self publishing podcast guys for two years about covers.

    Their position is you shouldn’t consider publishing a story until you spend $299 on a cover at 99 designs. And you should never consider doing covers yourself.

    My point has always been, there are writers who have stories worth telling who don’t have $299 for a cover. So I agree with you about audio and the cost benefit analysis on the production side.

    The argument in favor of audio is inclusion. audiobooks are my primary form of entertainment, because it’s exhausting for me to read words on a page or screen. In order for me to learn writing craft, I’m having to read words on the screen and see how they’re arranged. But to find out if I like a story first I have to listen to it.

    So I say do it if you can. If it makes sense. Because in doing so you’re including the largest group of people possible in your audience.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, sure if you can. And can keep the costs down.

      And anyone can do professional covers with practice. Take five professional covers in your genre that you like and think would fit, put them beside your computer, then learn InDesign (subscription is reasonably cheap) with tutorials from or Google, then just imitate the covers you like until you get it. It’s a learning curve, but better than paying for every cover and then often not getting what you want.

      Ahh, the learning curves in this business are great fun. (grin)