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Second Special Stretch Goal!

Kris Is Having Fun!!

The NEVER BEFORE SEEN kickstarter is about six unpublished Kristine Kathryn Rusch mystery stories. All backers at any level get all six, even if you take the nifty workshop.

And she added a really fun special stretch goal if the campaign hit 120 backers by Sunday, which it did. So all backers are now getting not only the six original stories, plus two stretch goal collections of her mystery stories, plus the special edition of “The Wedding Ring” with the published version and the original version in it.

Now Kris added another special stretch goal.

If the campaign gets to 140 backers by late Tuesday, every backer of any reward at $20 and above will get a very special electronic edition of the brand new Spade Paladin mystery collection Assorted Conundrums: A Spade/Paladin Collection.

Assorted Conundrums: A Spade/Paladin Collection.

Explore the world of science fiction fandom as Secret Master of Fandom and private detective Spade solves crime after crime in this latest collection of stories.

Featuring two of masterful author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s most popular characters: Spade and Paladin (Spade’s enigmatic sidekick and infamous detective for hire), these delightful stories include “The Really Big Ka-Boom,” “At Witt’s End,” “Unity Con,” “The Case of the Stolen Memories,” and the never-before-published novella “The Case of the Purloined Pages.”

That’s right, a never before seen Spade Paladin novella. And it’s really, really good. Trust me.

Find out why Mystery Scene Magazine says: “I hope to read many more stories about Spade and Paladin.”

We hit the last special stretch goald and have hit two regular ones in the process, so for the next two days please help pass the word and get all backers this fantastic and fun collection with a brand new mystery novella in it!

Also Remember the Great Special Workshop Available…

For the writers who love to write mysteries and learn the craft of writing, we are offering a very, very special treat through this Kickstarter campaign. This will only be offered through the nine days of this campaign and nowhere else, so don’t miss it.


This is a special three-week workshop on how to write a mystery using current events in a legal and safe manner. This is a tricky area and we will not be giving legal advice, just writer suggestions on what to do and what to be careful of and when to talk with an attorney before moving forward.

(This class will also be good advice for writing other genres with current events.)

And Kris will read the stories from the third week’s assignments. This will be offered twice, so you get your choice of starting January 9th or January 30th.

This special workshop will only be offered for nine days through this Kickstarter. Plus you get the six original, never-before-seen mystery stories.

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  • Connor Whiteley Whiteley

    YES!!!!! A Spade and Pladin novella!!!! I am definitely sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest later on. And hell, I need to email my lists anyway, this is going in there too.

    I want that novella!!!

    Thanks Dean and Kris for coming up with such fun stretch goals.