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Saturday Night

Fun stuff…

I will talk tomorrow night about why only seven short stories are turned in over six days from over 45 writers writing this week for the anthology workshop. The rest all have less than 23 hours to the deadline.

And I know exactly why that has happened this week. I caused it. I love messing with writers for lesson’s sake. (evil grin)

I also just posted the second video in the Publishing Challenge about what I did this week on the publishing side. And in the Novel Great Challenge, I posted the second week’s video there about my writing this last week.

I will be doing that in both challenges through the year.

And we are getting closer to announcing the 2021 Las Vegas craft and anthology workshops. Next few days with luck.

So far the writers in the 2020 Anthology workshop have written for six different anthologies, are working on writing for another project this week, and then have one more week of writing for yet another anthology.

Eight different anthologies and projects in total. All paying markets. Great fun.

And there is still time to sign up for the January regular workshops on Teachable. But the February workshops will be up later this coming week and the January ones will vanish at that point to everyone except those signed up and the Lifetime Workshop Subscribers.

Fun stuff happening.


  • Michael Kingswood

    Well, in the assignment video you did go out of your way to stress how new and exciting this week’s anthology is and how cool it’s going to be and how we don’t want to mess up this opportunity.

    Trying to make the writing important. You evil man, you.


  • Deb Miller

    I initially got sucked in, but then went Ah Ha! Once I saw what you had done, I could let it go, especially since this isn’t my genre. However, I am one that doesn’t have the story in yet. It’s done though–just waiting on a title to announce itself.