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And There Are Just Days…

Best intentions and plans go sideways for all of us…

Really sideways. Today was one of those days. Had my iPad in its case, in my backpack, ready to head out this morning to go write in a buffet I like to sit and write in.

All I had to do was make a couple quick Friday phone calls and out the door I would go. No issue.

Yup, no luck.

One business phone call lead directly to another and finally three hours later Kris and I wondered off to lunch and when I got home from that I did business until almost five.

It was called a Friday when there are a lot of things happening in a business.

In the old days, that would have made me angry because it derailed my writing plans. Now it just makes me shake my head from side-to-side, adjust and get as much done as I can with the time I have left.

And so to get my mind back on writing and publishing and not business and people dying, this evening I did a couple of preliminary test covers for a new project we are launching in a week or so.

That was fun. The covers don’t really work, but they are a start. And they did their job of getting me back focused on writing.

And now I am writing this with the only purpose of letting all of you know that days like today happen to all of us. Even full-time professional writers like me.

I won’t try to catch up, I won’t get angry, I won’t take any negative stuff and drag it into my writing.

I just go again, keep writing, and it all smooths out.

And one really nice thing about being older and having a sucky memory. I won’t remember what even happened today in three or four days.

Or care. But I will have more words done because I didn’t let today get to me.

Now off to do a little more writing tonight.


  • Jason M

    I bet a lot of writers here are mourning Neil Peart right about now.
    Peart was a writer himself, with 5 or 6 books about his travels.
    And he collaborated with your friend Kevin J Anderson on Clockwork Angels, a novel based on the final Rush album.
    Losing people is hard, even when you didn’t know them but only admired them from afar.

    • dwsmith

      We have a story by Kevin and Neil in the next issue of Pulphouse and also in a special issue of Pulphouse edited by Mark Lesley. He was a great loss to writing and music.