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Running Late Tonight

Just Got a Late Start On the Story…

So I am here, writing this around 3 am, which is late for me this last week or so. Ahh, well. (Didn’t help that my printer ran out of toner.) And no sleeping in tomorrow because got to put the final touches on a new Kickstarter campaign that is really, really cool. Not sure when we are launching just yet. Might be tomorrow, so stay tuned.

This Kickstarter is for Kris’s different series, basically a Starter Kit of ten of the stories and novels that start ten of her series. All together.

And, of course, you can get all the books in any of the ten series for a discount. And for the Stretch Goals, there are a bunch of other books and stories from Kris’s other series not in the Starter Kit.

And in this campaign there are two really special and fun workshops.

And also a new class series that starts out with me interviewing Kris (on video) about her writing and thinking and experience in writing each series in the Starter Kit. Ten different classes of five or more videos. Yes, Kris and I on a video together, talking about writing and series and novels and everything else. That will be fun for readers and writers both. (And for us to do.) Those will be given away in the Stretch Goals and be for sale on Teachable as well.

So this is super fun. Watch for it to hit very soon. I pass the word here when it hits.


  • Liz

    Ooh yay! This will be great. Just yesterday I decided I needed to get all the book ones in her different series!

    • dwsmith

      Just hang on, ten of her series book ones will be available at a discount rate all together in this campaign. Shortly.

  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Good time as any to ask this…For a beginning writer who has 4 different series of short stories going, does an anthology like collection of like 2 stories from each series make sense, or should I stick to separate collections?

    • dwsmith

      Totally up to you. You are the author and editor and publisher. You have the freedom to do what you want. No right way, just your way.