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Flash Sale Ends Today!!

Wednesday at 7 PM West Coast Time…

So I hope anyone who wanted to keep studying writing and publishing through this Time of Great Forgetting got something they wanted. Our hope in doing this was to help fight all the distractions of this time period. Maybe we should call this period the death of streaks period. The death of yearly goals period. Easier just to call it the time period when writers just flat forget about their writing and publishing.

Things That Help…

  • Be a full-time professional fiction writer who needs to earn a living. (Yup, by that point, you are done with this problem.)
  • Have deadlines that are important to you to hit. (Workshop homework deadlines are that way because if you don’t hit it, I don’t read your assignment.)
  • Challenges with skin in the game. The WMG Challenges on Teachable are that way and you have to send everything to me. Don’t want to miss that. (grin)
  • A very long writing or publishing or blogging streak. (Yeah, that helps.)
  • Tell your family or partner what is important and that they need to value you doing this through this time. Doesn’t mean you don’t go with them places, just be clear so they can help.
  • Reset your goal every day if you have to. Forgetting is the problem. Make each day new. I talked about this the last two weeks in Motivational Mondays on Teachable.
  • Have other writers you are in contact with that are managing to not forget too often during this period. Check in regularly, such as at least weekly with the other writers.

There are more, but those are some basics. That’s why we did the half-price sale on Teachable, to let you start something you can focus on this next month or two that has to do with writing and publishing. So, so easy to forget.

So today is the last day of the Flash Sale. All done this evening.

So if you want anything on WMG Teachable, (at half price) simply hit purchase, then on the next page put in the code


And then hit apply and you will get the class, the workshop, the study along, the Pop-Up, the challenge, or a lifetime subscription for half price.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.


  • Vanessa V. Kilmer

    I just read a post you made on cycling and I am verklempt. What a revelation. I look forward to reading more from you. I’m currently reading your book, “Writing Into the Dark.”


    I’ve told this to fellow writiers in my critique group and they look at me like I have nine heads.

    I have said the exact thing you have said in your book. “…writing to tell myself a story.” And have secretly felt like some sort of fraud. I don’t want to agonize over every little thing. I want to tell stories.

    I recently self-published my first book after 13 years of fighting my critical voice. I never want it to take that long again, and knowing it doesn’t have to be that way will prevent that from happening again.


    • dwsmith


      Why rewriting is so difficult is because the creative voice put all the time and effort into creating a story and then by rewriting you destroy it. So creative voice makes it no fun at all. Writing from creative voice, telling yourself a story, and then releasing and doing it again is fantastic fun. Trust me, it will take a lot, lot, lot less time for the next one if you do that.

      Go have fun. If sitting alone in a room and making stuff up isn’t fun, you are doing it wrong.