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Restart Motivation

October 1st Just Two Weeks Away!

So I got two weeks to figure out some new challenges, new motivation, maybe pick up the short story challenge I fell off of earlier in the year.

October 1st is a great time to do that.

A challenge I am thinking of is 100 short stories in 100 days. That will bring my total short stories up over 200 for the year. Not 365 as I had set out to do, but still not bad. (grin)

Today I was working on getting the new 2023 Collection Classes posted and live for the coming sale. All six from the first year will be available again in 2023, all six from this second year, and six more new ones for the third year. So we will have 18 different collection classes available. (I will announce the schedule shortly.)

But besides writing 100 new short stories between now and the 1st of January, I am thinking I can put together 18 collections, one on each topic of the collection classes.

I would do the covers, the introductions, and so on for each collection, and I think they would be six-story collections.

That means I would need 108 short stories. Considering I have published in 65 issues of Smith’s Monthly just at 300 short stories, I think I have enough. (grin)

So October 1st is a great time to reset, especially after this summer of GREAT FORGETTING and the GREAT SUMMER OF PANDEMIC TRAVEL. Not a lot of writers made it through this summer with dropping off of challenges and writing schedules.

October 1st… Climb back on. That’s what I will be doing. Stay turned.



  • Philip

    October 1 (Q4 start) sounds like an awesome time to restart. I never thought of it.

    2022 has been a rough writing year for me because I’ve been dealing with GOOD life rolls, if that’s such a thing. Started a great new job for much better pay but eats up more time.

  • June Leung

    I have to reset my goal to pack up my tiny short stories and put them up on retailers. That rule trips me up countless times and my backlog is huge by now. Given those are tiny stories, there is still a lot. At least they first show up on a publishing site that has paid me some, so maybe it’s not a complete failure on my end.

  • Mark Kuhn

    I’m going to try to join you on this October 1st reboot. 2022 started off okay but went downhill again for me.