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Regular Monthly Workshop Sale

Last Full Week of Every Month…

Can’t believe it is the last full week of the September already. Wow.

The sale code to get everything 50% off on WMG Teachable is


Just hit purchase on anything you want and on the next page put in the code and hit apply and your choice will be 50% off.


October regular workshops are being added and will all be up in a day or so. I will do a list here, but for the next few days you can still get the active September workshops and I’ll work with you to get caught up on the first week or so.

All the Study Along classes for next year are up. The novella additions will be added this week as well, I hope.

And my big project at the moment is adding all the collection classes for 2023. There will be 18 different ones available to do collections. They are 9 weeks long. All six classes from the first year and second year will also be available in 2023 as well as the six new ones. Sometimes numbers of time. I will post the full schedule here, and you can get all six of the first year collection classes or all six of the second year classes or all six of the third year classes (as soon as I have them all posted) in one bundle.

With the sale, these collection classes are the best deals on Teachable outside of the lifetime workshops. The full price is $500 each, and you can get all six for $2,500 in a bundle. But if you get all six on a sale, you get them for $1,250. (Just a little over $200 each.)

Then if you do any of them hit each of 9 assignments, I give you your choice of a $150 pop-up on top of that. And then you have a published collection to make you money and find new readers as well. They are win/win/win classes.

I will announce all 18 of them for 2023 and when they will be offered in a day or so.

So remember, on the sale, everything on Teachable is half price by using the code


That includes lifetime subscriptions, all workshops, pop-ups, lectures, study-along and general classes. It will last until next Sunday, September 25th and then be done for another month. Any questions, feel free to ask.