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Regular Monthly Workshop Half-Price Sale

September Sale Happening Right Now…

Every month, for the last full week of each month, we will be doing a half-price sale.

The sale will always start on Sunday early and end the following Sunday very late.

The sale is for everyone, and covers everything, including challenges, lifetime subscription, workshops, pop-ups, study-along classes, and everything else.

Everything on Teachable.

We started this regular sales back in July. So this is the third month.

Back in the early days of the pandemic, we started the workshop sales to help writers through. And that pandemic seemed to go on forever, as we all discovered. And now so many people are struggling on the other side. When we said we wouldn’t do sales on workshops again, we got so many great letters about how helpful the sales were and how it might not be possible to do some of the workshops without the sales.

Well, we are not doing these for the money, but to help writers, and we clearly (by stopping the sales) were not helping a certain group of writers that we wanted to help.

So Allyson at WMG, the shopper in the bunch, described how a regular sale would allow people to plan and save for a workshop ahead of time. Kris and I agreed, at least understanding the concept. So that’s why starting on the Sunday of the last week of every month, we will do a half-price sale for that week.

The September sale started on Sunday, the 18th and will run through Sunday the 25th.

I will announce the sale when it starts every month and at some point put up a schedule of the sales ahead on my blog.

The code to get anything on Teachable at half price this week is:


Simply hit purchase on a course you want, then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you should be able to get the class at 50% off.

The October Regular workshops are up now.

Ends Sunday.

We really hope the sales being regular has helped some people.

Any questions, feel free to write me.

Everything on Teachable.


  • Kat Faitour

    Dean, it helps SO MUCH. I’m saving and planning this year, knowing I can get these as soon as I’m financially ready. Many, many thanks to you and Kris for your generosity.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, will pass that along as well. Seems like we finally hit on a solution to what to do with the monster issue of sales we started during the pandemic. (grin)

  • Heather H

    Sales: It absolutely has helped me. It has made it possible for me in two ways:

    1. In buying the content, at all. Though I definitely like other months’ sales weeks better whose sales weeks fall next to payday at the first of the next month. It’s just how the timing happens too be early for the last full September week, I can’t get as much as I can consume! But I have learned and will begin to save up for these type months.

    2. Because the workshops have a designated low cost time, I am able to treat my purchase as if I were paying tuition to go to school. I justify it as such to my husband, too. I think of these workshops as schooling more worthwhile than college, because Kristine and Dean”s material and philosophy is largely responsible, after decades trying other methods, for me beginning to write, write streaks, write Heinlen-forward, and write steady.

    Thanks for the sales.