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Recorded a New Pop-Up

Not Live Yet… 

But will be next week. In fact, I am going to record a second one as well and put both up at the same time next week.

The new Pop-Up I recorded is called Fear of Success.

We are doing right now the first time through a Killing the Critical Voice workshop (that we will offer every month) and fear of success is often so much of the reason for not being able to fight critical voice. And it is amazing how many writers have vanished or held themselves at a certain level because of this fear.

Critical voice always comes out in fear, by the way. But fear of success has deep, deep roots in all of us and was the most difficult problem I had to overcome in my writing life. So that Pop-Up is coming next week and will be included in the second quarter of The Decade Ahead class. (That class will go for another year, just as the Licensing Class is going to do.)

A second Pop-Up I am going to record today is Escaping Toxic People. All of us, without exception have or have had toxic people around us, people who are negative, want to hold us back, want to “save” us, and most all with a smile on their face and our best interests at heart. They are often family or close friends.

So this new Pop-Up is going to help writers identify the toxic people and have some solutions on how to get away from them or deal with the toxins coming at your writing.

Plus other fun stuff next week. Stay tuned.



  • Harvey Stanbrough

    As a student of human behavior it sometimes amazes me how unreasoningly fearful people can be of things that hold no consequences. Failure, after all, is only proof that you tried. Failure puts a writer ahead of 99% of would-be writers out there.

  • Kristi N.

    I’m working through this right now with a therapist. I filled out Denise Jacobs’s 3 Facets of Fear worksheet (What do you fear is true about yourself? What are the negative messages others tell you about yourself? What negative messages have authority figures told you about your relationship to others?) and discovered the messages I’d been absorbing for over 25 years from ‘friends’, coworkers and management.

    “Your best will never be enough.”
    “You will never be anything but what you are now.”
    “You deserve to be laughed at because what you accomplish is small and pitiful.”

    Many times family, organized religion or culture are the ones feeding these messages to people. In my case, those three are my refuges.

    “You will master whatever you set your mind to do.”
    “You are free to grow, in beauty and nobility and grace.”
    “Your work will speak for itself, a proof of your increasing skill and mastery.”

    I’ve got a long way to go, but at least being able to identify both the negative messages and the positive is a good thing. And I’ll enjoy the journey, because it’s finally the path I want to take.

    • dwsmith

      Fantastic, Kristi!! And thank you for sharing that. You have no idea how many people you might have just helped.

      • Jason Adams

        The people from my tiny little coal mining hometown who have succeeded in creative endeavors are those who got away. Some of us have returned to the area, but not to the “quit that foolishness and get a real job” mentality.

        One thing I’ve noticed (especially in my extended family) is that people who settle down and put their childhood dreams behind them tend to resent the hell out of us who did not. And they tend to express it by trying to make US jealous of THEIR lives.

        I don’t have time for that. A lot of my writing deals with making your own family, not just accepting the genetic dice roll.