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Reading List for Thriller Humor Class Posted

Posted in the Study Along Class…

I sent out an email to everyone signed up telling everyone the reading list is there, but of course, a lot of people have opted out of email on Teachable and therefore will not get my letter.

So if you didn’t get the letter from me about the reading list for the Thriller Humor Study Along and you are signed up, go to Teachable and turn on the email for yourself. Story assignments and everything will be posted on the site, but I will always send an email when I post them.

And no, I can’t do it for you. It is your account.


Story done tonight is a Seeders Universe space opera story about 3,200 words long. Been too busy to move the Patreon forward, but will soon.

Working right now on finishing up a Kickstarter campaign that has already been approved. Got a really nifty series of classes for writers in the stretch rewards if we get far enough. And two really special classes that actually Allyson came up with and they are dead on the money needed. This will be a fun one. I’ll announce more tomorrow with title and links and pictures and we launch on Tuesday at noon. Stay tuned.

Now going to vedge in front of the television. Night.


  • Julie

    Top tip for anybody looking for the Thriller Humor workshop on Teachable – remember that ‘humor’ is being spelled the American way, without the ‘U’!

    • dwsmith

      Yes, as soon as I get the time to format them correctly, fix a few things on Patreon and get them loaded. Once I have that done I will try to load up stories every week for those who have the right level. Nothing changed, I just am stupidly busy at the moment.