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Quick Update to Short Story Challenge

Simple Update and Information…

There are two start dates on this. May 2nd as I said originally and June 1st. It means I will be reading stories through July (If anyone decides to take me up on this) but that is fine.

Both are 60 day windows to do the challenge.

Another note: I will be done with my short story challenge by the first of May and will be starting into writing novels. So I will not be writing short stories at the same time as reading them.

Sign Up Information:

If you are thinking about this seriously, and think you can write 30 short stories either in one month or two months, then here is how you can sign up:

1st… Write me directly and tell me you want to be in the challenge.

2nd… Send $600 to the WMG Publishing Paypal account which is linked to my e-mail address.

3rd… Tell me which start date you would like to start… Only two choices are May 2nd or June 1st.

4th… Start getting ready. Figure out ways to start stories, find old story starts you wouldn’t mind finishing, tell you family and friends you have lost a bolt and what you are doing so they can support you.

Then prepare to have fun.


  • Nicki

    I’m intrigued and excited about this, and trying to brainstorm ways to raise $600 in a week. Because the monetary output (not to mention first readership) would be incredible motivation.

    • dwsmith

      And don’t forget that if you hit either 60 days or 30 days, there are workshops as rewards. As Teri said, if you hit the 30 day challenge, my reading is free. You are just buying two workshops.

      • Nicki

        I saw that. It’s a really excellent challenge and sounds like so much fun. When is the cutoff for sign-ups – still just over a week, or would folks have through May to decide/raise funds for the June start date?

  • John D. Payne

    That said, it certainly is an intriguing offer.

    And it would of course be an amazing opportunity.

    I suppose it’s not, strictly speaking, impossible. Even if it is crazy.


  • Kate Pavelle

    This here will be fun! It’s just stories. What could go wrong?
    I”m glad we can use old story starts. I’ll get them all lined up. This also gives me an extra burst of energy to finish and publish 2 books before June!