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Questions on New Workshops

Got Some Questions…

So figured I would answer them here.

First off, the Collection Classes have all three years available. And you can get all six of all three years if you want. Each Collection Class is nine weeks long, you write five new short stories for it, and publish the book the last week.

So the six 2021 Collection Classes are available for 2023. And the six 2022 Collection Classes are available in 2023 as well.

That is also how the Advanced Craft Workshops will work. There are six of them for this year and if you got all six for the price of five, you could take a few this year and a few more next year and so on if schedule messes you up.

Decade Ahead Class is another matter. It will only be one year long and be every Monday for four quarters. You can get all four quarters to really learn how to be still writing and selling ten years from now.

The first Advanced Craft Workshop starting on January 3rd is Advanced Pacing.

Pacing is how you hold a reader in a story and most writers at early stages pay it no attention at all. But it includes everything from basic paragraphing to power words control to cliffhangers to paragraph and chapter lengths to genre standards.

This is an advanced class. Way advanced and as I have said earlier, much of this might be over your head, but it will be on your dashboard to come back to regularly and keep learning and practicing.

There is no one who doesn’t need this class no matter how good you think you are, and to be honest, Kris and I are already learning from putting it together.

So here is the basic information about the Advanced Craft Classes once again. Remember, everything is on Teachable, but it can be found and easily accessed now by direct links from the new web site.

Here are the first six for 2023. We think we can do another six in 2024 if these have enough interest, along with advanced business workshops (Those would be fun (grin)).


  • Advanced Pacing (Jan)
  • Advanced Character Development (March)
  • Floating Viewpoints (May)
  • Advanced Voice (July)
  • Advanced Conflict (Sept)
  • Unputdownable (advanced keeping readers reading) (Nov)

These workshops will all be 9 weeks long, with eight assignments that Kris and I will read. You should have the Writing with Depth workshop before you start any of them.

These are Not part of the Lifetime Workshops Subscription. (That subscription includes all regular workshops and classic workshops and other things.) But we do have a bundle of the Advanced Craft Workshops where you can get all six for the price of five.

Doing all six would be a fantastic year of learning a lot of advanced craft and writing techniques and I promise would advance your writing more than you could even imagine.

And, of course, they will always be on your dashboard to go back and review.

Again, these are all nine weeks long, with assignments every week but the last week. So ADVANCED PACING starts on January 3rd and runs for nine weeks.

Then ADVANCED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT starts the first Tuesday in March and runs for nine weeks.

FLOATING VIEWPOINTS starts on the first Tuesday in May. And so on through the year.

Full information and details and links to each workshop can be found at wmgworkshops under Study With Dean.

All workshops are on Teachable. But the new www.wmgworkshops web site makes things easier to find and see.

One more point. These are far, far too much work for me and Kris to put together so they will never be on sale. Sorry. We feel they will be worth the full price. Thought I would save you waiting for a sale that will never come. (grin)

Questions, feel free to ask.