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Bite-Sized Copyright

Learn Copyright Every Week Painlessly…

Yup, I know. You have been meaning to get to learning copyright, but it just doesn’t seem important enough yet. You are making great money “selling” your stories on Amazon and other places, and the entire licensing thing just seems pointless.

Sadly, most writers feel that way right up to the moment something happens.

Copyright is like learning craft in fiction writing. The more you know, the more you realize you need to know. And the more you know, interestingly enough, the more money you make overall.

But learning it on your own is difficult at best. And for many writers, tedious, so it gets put off, or more than likely, a fiction writer doesn’t even know what they don’t know and need to learn.

Kris and I have been talking about this class in different forms for many years, and those who follow my blog or know me know that learning copyright is a soapbox for me.

So finally, with the structure of doing the Motivational Mondays (You can still get all of those from last year), Kris said why not do Bite-Sized Copyright in the same structure? Make it painless to learn copyright for writers?

So that is what we are doing. 52 weeks of every Monday morning videos on all the aspects of copyright, licensing, and some trademark stuff as well. It is divided into four quarters, but you can buy all four quarters for the price of three in the Copyright Bundle. Or buy them one at a time, but start with the first quarter. This will all build, painlessly every Monday morning.

Copyright is a form of property. Just as when you build a house, you own a piece of Real Property, when you write a story or a novel, you own a piece of Intellectual Property. You need to understand what you own, how to use it, how to protect it when needed, and the value of the property.

My parents built a house in 1960 in Boise, Idaho, for $20,000. Pretty nice middle-class place that damn near broke them. I just looked it up and the same house is now worth $410,000.

If you do not understand how a novel you write in 2023 will be worth a lot more in 2063, you do not understand IP, of which copyright is a part of. You need this class.

And if you automatically think your novel will not increase in value like that, you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need this class.

Every week, a bit at a time, you will build a foundation under you so that after 52 weeks you will understand copyright, understand how to make more money with it in so many ways, including making sure it lasts past your death to make your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids a lot of money.

The Bite-Sized Copyright Four Quarters and a Bundle of all four quarters can be found on Teachable, but the easiest way now to find them is on

You can find direct links to all of the quarters there under All Workshops, Study With Dean, or Business.

(A fun note: Many of you know that IP (copyright)can be depreciated for tax reasons under certain business structures and in certain circumstances. So how long can you depreciate the IP? 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, forever? IP is fun. Depreciation of the asset can go on far beyond the value of the asset. If done right by an accountant in the right business structure.)

Now that said, Kris and I will never offer legal or accounting advice in this class. This is information for fiction writers so that you know what might be even possible with Copyright and IP and get the right help if needed.

And you want to add even more every Monday morning, add in the Decade Ahead four quarters for the planning and ability to think out ahead.