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Questions About The Great Bundle Workshop

…Got some great questions on The Great Bundle workshop next May.

So figured I would share the answers here.

— First off, there will be NO CRITIQUING in this workshop. None. Nothing like the Anthology workshop were professional editors go over your stories. In fact, only the curator for the bundle you turn the story in for will be reading it.

— Can a story be rejected? No. But it can be moved to another bundle. We will have a pool of stories that are not committed as the week goes on. Basically, if a curator has too many stories or gets a story that flat doesn’t fit, they will move the story into the “Open Pool” where other curators during the week can add the story into their bundle. EVERY STORY TURNED IN TO A BUNDLE WILL BE IN A BUNDLE.

— Maintaining the quality of the books/bundles? Simple. Quality will come from the level of writers invited. At the anthology workshop this February, not one story was turned in that wasn’t completely publishable. Some didn’t get bought because they didn’t fit or didn’t hit an editor’s tastes or things like that, but every story I read, and I read them all, were publishable.

— Can a curator do more than one book? Absolutely. Curating information will be given out once the group list starts in late December.

— Are their weekly writing deadlines? No. Five bundle topics will be sent out every week. Everyone attending can write for none, one, or all. Five new bundle topics will be sent out the next week, but you can still write for a topic from the first week. 6 weeks, 30 topics. And more bundle topics adding on at the workshop.

You can even write at the workshop for a topic from the first week if the bundle is not full by that point. (Remember only 10 stories per bundle.) Only deadline at the moment is the last day of the workshop, but curators might make exceptions for that. We shall see.

— Will there be lectures and stuff as well? Yes, twice per day, on topics tightly wound with bundling, short fiction, marketing, group marketing, group advertising, and so much more. Also writer lunches and late parties at the Anchor.

— Will there be a contract for each story? Yes. But scary basic, only confirming the license to be in the bundle and the rates you will be paid for the story. You keep all rights to the story with no limitations and can publish it at once on your own site, directly to Amazon, load it to Bundlerabbit, whatever you want. Or you can wait until it first appears in the bundle.

And yes, Chuck from Bundlerabbit has said he will be there, so he will be talking about Bundlerabbit, which will be two years old at that point.

Those are the main questions I have gotten. Any others, feel free to write me.

Information on all the coast workshops under the Coast Workshop tab at the top.

Crazy fun writing workshop.