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We just launched the Kickstarter for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

It will be quarterly with well over twenty stories per issue. Electronic and paper editions. First issue will be in January and if you support the Kickstarter, you also get Issue Zero as a bonus.

You can subscribe through the Kickstarter or at www.pulphousemagazine.com

The kickstarter is at:


You really want to watch the fun video that Kris did to show the history of Pulphouse.


And yes, just as with Fiction River kickstarter a year ago, you can get some deals on workshops and lectures.

The Strengths Workshops are only available through the Kickstarter again. Either two of them or all six.  You do those at your own pace.

Three monthly workshops at a discount, or one workshop if you like at a discount.

Or lectures. Five lectures or one lecture. You have choices.

And of course all include a Pulphouse subscription.


We also have some limited stuff for collectors. We have two leather sets of Pulphouse: Hardback Magazine that we have been saving for years for this. Signed by every author in all twelve volumes. There were only 250 leathers done for each issue and almost not full sets exist.

We also have trade hardback sets of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine and we have just 30 sets of the first 19 issues of Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine. 

Also, if you want one of every book WMG Publishing puts out in 2018, approximately 50 scheduled, there is a reward for that as well.


Also, if you want to be a character in one of my novels, there is a reward there for that. Not kidding. I can make you a hero, send you through time, or kill you in some brutal and fun fashion to make you a ghost agent. Totally your choice if you take that reward.

So after 21 years, PULPHOUSE IS BACK!!!

Really hope you help us get this new/old magazine off the ground. Thanks!!




  • Gnondpom

    I guess the workshops can be taken any time we want, just like with the Fiction River Kickstarter? I’m aware you said these were not valid for the October 2017 workshops, but from November on, can we take them at any time (like in 2018)?

    • dwsmith

      Yes, they are workshop credits and you can take then at any point into the future. We still have two people who have a credit or two from the Fiction River kickstarter a year ago.

      So no rush on when to take the workshops or lectures.

      • JM6

        Did you just … *gasp* … break the blog streak? Or did last night’s entry just not show up on the website? Or was it just very early and so it LOOKS like 2 entries on the 27th?

        • dwsmith

          Nope, just did it early last night. I wanted to get a post up about the Kickstarter as soon as it went live, so did it then. Streak still active. (grin)

    • dwsmith

      Going to do the last two advanced business lectures this coming month or so, then through the winter start doing at least one, if not two of the planned lectures per month.

      And putting a new online workshop on the list starting in November. It’s called Novel Structures and I will announce it in the next day or so with description. It will be in November to start.