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Actually Working On Three Issues At Once…

Tonight I finished the final sdetails on Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #6 and will turn it in to WMG Publishing tomorrow. #6 is the Spring Issue.

I almost have #7 together as well, and the last of the stories I bought over the year scheduled in #8 and #9.

But what is really fun is that a nifty anthology of stories from the first five issues (#0-#4) of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is now out and available. It is called You Really Liked That?

If you supported the Pulphouse Kickstarter a couple years back, you should have already gotten a copy of the book. It was one of our stretch goals.

You Really Liked That? is just flat fun and might be the best example of what I look for in Pulphouse stories. Trust me, you read this book and you will want to subscribe to the magazine.

And this next week I will be buying for yet another anthology of Pulphouse stories, only the stories in this coming book will all be originals and will be published later in the magazine.

But for now, you can get You Really Liked That?