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Preparing for Product Class…

Announcing Later In the Week…

Kris and I are doing a lot of preparing for a fantastic Product Class(s) that will end up being two nine-week classes. Both will have weekly webinars.  One class will be offered in July/August and the second in September/October. Sort of a part one and part two kind of thing.  (Yes, from the production to the business side of products with your books and in your store, there is a ton of stuff to cover and with the webinars we can cover it together at times.)

The webinars will be recorded so everyone can see them so you don’t have to make a certain time, but they will function as a group think tank at times with products and examples and such. Sorry these two classes will not be included in any subscription except the Everything Subscription. But we will give a discount for getting them both at the same time. Stay tuned.

Kris and I believe that these two classes may make a lot of writers a lot of money going into the new world of publishing. And it should be silly fun and will include sections on Kickstarters as well. Plus these two classes will prepare you to go into the Licensing Expo prepared to license your products. (See why it will take two nine-week classes?)

There are a lot of other fun classes starting in July. The regular workshops, of course. And then four nine-week collections classes, where during the nine weeks you write five stories, and put a collection together and publish it.

The four nine-week collection classes themes starting in July are

  • Cities
  • Thieves
  • Heros and Heroines
  • Fantasy

Also we have two nine-week Advanced Craft workshops starting in July. People are finding these classes challenging and great learning experiences.

  • Advanced Voice
  • Advanced Character Development

So hang on. Back at the end of the week with a lot more fun stuff and news on all these classes.



  • Annie Reed

    Challenging? Yes, the advanced classes are certainly that, but boy have I learned a LOT. And what’s more, learning at that level is exciting! You and Kris are doing a terrific job with these classes.

  • Keith West

    I am absolutely loving the advanced craft classes and the challenge of the assignments. It feels like drinking from a firehose at times, but I am learning so much. They’ve become the highlight of my week. Thank you for doing them. And I accept the apology in the last video of the Floating Viewpoints workshop. I don’t mind being made aware of new things in writing. (grin)

    And thank you for the resurrecterd workshops. I value the feedback on those. Will Cliffhangers be resurrected soon?

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Keith. Really appreciate the kind words and glad the classes are helping. And yes, Cliffhangers are coming back, just not this month. Not doing a resurrected in July because of all the other great workshops starting up. Maybe August.

  • Emilia

    I’ve loved the advanced classes so far and they’ve been useful already. I thought about adding power words to a story to “make it better” after I got feedback. Few days later I got the assignment which shows using power words wrong can hurt a story.

    I’ve decided to ignore the critical voice and write another story with a similar idea, but different characters.