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Pop-Ups From Campaign

Headed Your Way in the Morning…

So watch your email tomorrow and if you don’t have them by Monday, contact Josh.

Everyone who supported the Crimes Collide got these nine Pop-Up classes focused on mystery. They are $150 each, so everyone got $1,350 in value in classes, not counting all the extra books. Everyone got nine of the ten in this Who, What, and How to Study series because the campaign did that well, but didn’t make the last stretch reward.

Now again, these will not be sent out until Friday, so don’t get ahead of WMG on this. And the 10th one in the series is not finished yet, but will be in a few days. It will be for sale at that point.

Next week we are doing a Seeders Space Opera Kickstarter campaign, and will be doing these ten topics on Who, What, and How to Study Science Fiction, just like we did mystery. Watch for that campaign launching later in the week. And it will be a short one. Just ten days. The study series will also be stretch rewards, just as in the last campaign.

Here is an image from the Seeders campaign with all new covers on every book. Plus the new novel Rescue Two. Nifty, huh? Stay tuned, especially if you love science fiction.


  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Thanks !! Couldn’t wait for these.
    I got a question though. I supported the tear that also had the Worlds Collide collection of books, and I haven’t received those yet. Any news about that?

    • dwsmith

      Everyone should have the five books in electronic editions. Trade and Paper editions are going to take more time, but everyone in the campaign at the $30 level and above should have gotten the electronic books. Check your spam filter and Josh will check on it tomorrow at WMG.

  • Henckel

    Hi there – This may be a silly question. I supported the Crimes Collide and completed the first pop-up module (Loved it BTW). In the last video you have an assignment to send in.

    My question: is sending in the assignment for feedback an option for thouse of us who accessed the pop-up course via Crimes Collide Kickstarter (or) is assignment feedback only avalible to those who indivigually purchased the course?