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Podcast and Cool Video

A Really Fun Conversation…

The other day I got to talk with John Best and Kevin J. Anderson for about forty minutes on their wonderful podcast Creative Futurism. We talked about all kinds of stuff, including the new world of publishing. Great fun for me and I think it would be a fun listen for all of you as well.


On another topic completely, Gwyneth at WMG Publishing did this nifty video for Kris’s new Diving Universe book coming out in September. It’s on preorder now. The video is short and fun. So thought I would show it to you.


North by Northwest Bookstore Kickstarter

It has seven days left. We are almost to our first major stretch goal, which will be fun to hit.

Remember, you can get Regular workshops and lectures at a discount through the Kickstarter and also, for every Regular workshop you pledge, you get a free Classic workshop.

And we even put up the discounted price for the Lifetime Subscription to all the Lectures. Including the new ones coming this year and into the future. It’s on the Kickstarter as well.

You also can get books for yourself or send books to your favorite library or school and we’ll make sure they get the ones they need.

So give this one a look before it is over. Click here for link. And if you haven’t seen the fun video, it’s below. And that is our store, if you were wondering. It goes all the way down the building to the middle of the word “collectables” in the sign.


  • Vera Soroka

    Nice podcast but it cut off at the end just as you were talking about cash streams. Would have liked to have heard more. The audio needed to be a bit cleaned up as well. It got a bit noisy, just to mention.
    Like the trailer as well.

    • dwsmith

      Just a guest, not my podcast. (grin) But I had fun talking with them, especially since Kevin has been a good friend for over thirty-some years.